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HP Discover Keynote: Every second, demand for compute grows - is your infrastructure ready?


IT executives, managers, architects, engineers and experts around the world are attending HP Discover to hear industry insights, learn how to make the most of your IT infrastructure and deliver sustained business outcomes in a time where mobile, social, cloud and big data is accelerating.


Consider that every day we share 2.5 quintillion bytes of data.


Every minute we send over 204 million emails and exchange over $2.5 million in e-commerce—on over 7 billion devices.


Can your IT sustain this astonishing pace?


It’s time to make a change, and HP Servers are leading the way. Join Antonio Neri, Senior Vice President and General Manager, HP Servers Global Business, to hear first-hand how HP is transforming compute to enable you to build data centers in days, connect thousands in seconds, and move millions in minutes.




Not only will Antonio highlight the latest HP innovations and solutions that are transforming compute, but he will also invite Prakash Darji, Global Vice President from SAP, to demonstrate how HP has enabled SAP to deliver the largest in-memory, real-time database on the planet. In addition, Roy Kaser, Chief Technology Officer and Vice President IP Platforms from Alcatel-Lucent, will explain how HP Servers dramatically accelerated their application deployment time with a radically lower cost model.


HP understands that compute is the vital foundation for any infrastructure—regardless of business size, system size, industry, or workload. During this keynote you will also hear how HP

  • Fueled efficiency, sustainability, and innovation at UPS
  • Significantly boosted retail productivity for BayWa AG
  • Quickly provisioned a modular data center for eBay that requires half the power
  • Redefined remote desktop economics and deployment processes for OGL Computer
  • Saved power and space at HP with HP IT’s deployment of Project Moonshot


Register now to learn how HP solutions can improve your business results and IT productivity—because only HP delivers the right compute, for the right workload, at the right economics, every time.


TK2092 HP Servers Keynote - Is your infrastructure ready?


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