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HP Moonshot: delivering a new-class of processors for cloud & data-center applications


Guest blog writtenn by Amer Haider, VP, Corporate & Business Development, Cavium


Cloud and data-center computing providers are looking for solutions that reduce power, increase performance and scale without limitation. HP Moonshot provides this solution. Large data-centers, enterprises, service provider IT and telecom markets need custom hardware systems but cannot and do not want to build one-off, non-commercially supported hardware solutions. They can use HP Moonshot!


Moonshot is a game changer for delivering optimized and customized server solutions instead of the current one-size-fit-all paradigm.  Moonshot beautifully balances the need for targeting different processor solutions optimized for different work-loads under a standard hardware and software framework.


Cavium's recently announcedthat  Project Thunder will deliver a new-class of processors for cloud and data-center applications. Project Thunder is a family of multicore 64-bit ARMv8 processors that will provide a highly integrated, high-performance solution for the cloud and datacenter market. We are leveraging our 8-year experience in building 64-bit, high core-count, highly integrated, high performance SOCs to build Project Thunder. 


Project Thunder will be used by large data-centers, enterprises, service provider IT and telecom markets. It will enable the next evolution of server performance by providing a balanced solution that blends performance and power efficient compute, high performance memory, networking, security, storage and workload acceleration into a single highly integrated SoC. This integration and focus will provide data centers with new performance/$ and performance/watt metrics for targeted applications.


We have been working with the HP Pathfinder Innovation Ecosystem for close to 2 years. We have been actively collaborating with HP engineering, product development and marketing to define a solution that will deliver a highly differentiated and outsized valuation proposition to target customers.


For more information about Cavium’s Project Thunder please visit:


For more information about HP Project Moonshot, please visit: 


Want to see more?  Check out the video below!



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