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HP and Redfish: Modernizing Data Center Management


Guest blog by John Schmitz, Global Market Manager, HP Server Management and Options Portfolio



John Schmitz head shot.jpgAfter a productive 12 months of collaboration, we’re thrilled that the DMTF (Distributed Management Task Force) is announcing the Redfish 1.0 standard for data center and systems management. The DMTF is a non-profit association comprised of industry members dedicating themselves to promoting enterprise and systems management and interoperability. The Redfish release introduces a capability sorely needed for today’s big data and cloud computing initiatives—scaling distributed computing, to large numbers of servers never seen in data centers in years past.


With a modern, scalable and secure design, Redfish is ideally suited for customers using legacy standards such as the Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI). IPMI was developed over a decade ago to standardize a management interface for server infrastructure. At the time IPMI was a great step forward. In 1998, it launched the effort to create well-defined APIs and the democratization of the infrastructure management ecosystem. 


However, in the age of the software-defined, hyper-scale data centers, IPMI functionality is severely dated and as such it just doesn’t cut it any longer. Systems managers unable to speak the same language are stymied in their attempts to monitor cloud and web-based infrastructures. Data center administrators deluged with devices that didn’t exist when IPMI was created, struggle to integrate said devices into their now heterogeneous environments. In today’s IT environment, IPMI’s security features just aren’t up to snuff because modern data centers now require modern security features to meet the network and interface needs.


Reacting to the need in the marketplace, HP goes “all in” and steps up to the challenge and created an interface that could adapt across a variety of server applications, one that would enhance interoperability across multiple server environments, simplify management, and give systems administrators a single common language. We came up with HP RESTful API, on HP ProLiant Gen9 servers, which became a precursor to Redfish.



Our customers are thrilled with the new HP RESTful API technology, but the core intellectual property isn’t industry-standard, and, therefore, is limited when using it across heterogeneous data centers. That’s why we decided to take this approach to the industry, including Dell, Lenovo, Intel, and others to collectively enhance the technology and bring it forth to DMTF. We are demonstrating that HP is committed to bringing this technology – as an industry standard – to the market for the overall benefit of customers.


The result is a blueprint for web-based, scale-out infrastructure companies who seek to simplify their data center and systems management. With the introduction of Redfish, HP strives to show its steadfast commitment to standards-based and open server manageability solutions. We are committed to collaboration that advances technologies for the common good.


If you would like to learn more about Redfish and HP’s role in its development, please visit us in the DMTF booth 763 at the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) on August 18-20 in San Francisco. Or you can attend technology sessions Firmware in the Data Center: Building a Modern Deployment Framework Using UEFI and Redfish REST APIs and Exploring Redfish - Emerging Manageability. Click here to download Redfish 1.0 specifications.



John Schmitz is a product marketing leader for HP Servers’ multi-billion dollar hardware and software options business.  John has led HP’s server management product lines for over a decade, and oversees an install base of over 10 Million software licenses.  Schmitz’s 30 year track record includes leadership roles in IT consulting, systems integration, and product and business development. 

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