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HP delivers end to end 12 Gb/s solution in the HP ProLiant Gen9 servers


Guest blog by SanSan Strozier, HP Servers Team


Data Explosion is Inevitable, Valuable and with the Right Tools Provides Expedient Connection

Newly enhanced portable and mobile devices have placed a significant burden on the storage systems.   Users are generating massive data and as a result the burden is on you to not only store it, but to also protect and secure the data. The data stored is frequently accessed and the user expectation for access to the data is always immediate.  And to top it all off you have to be secure knowing that the collected data is safe and the fault tolerance in your infrastructure ensures that.


Today, HP offers servers, hard disk drives, solid state drives, storage controllers, and JBODs that perform at 12 Gb/s SAS speed – an end to end 12 Gb/s solution addressing data responsiveness, capacity, advanced fault tolerance protection, data resiliency and security capabilities.  The new 12 Gb/s controllers deliver the highest performing SAS speed in the market.  With the HP ProLiant Gen9 servers, customers have a true end-to-end 12 Gb/s solution breaking the bandwidth and performance bottleneck—especially when you attach 12 Gb/s Smart Array Controllers and Smart SAS HBAs to 12 Gb/s SAS SSD drives or the 12 Gb/s SAS HDD drives or to the external JBODs of D3600 or D3700.


About HP D3600 and D3700

Affordable, low cost external storage (the 12 Gb SAS HP D3000 Enclosures, the Large Form Factor HP D3600 with 12 drive bays and the Small Form Factor D3700 with 25 drive bays) provide a modular platform that allows expansion from a few disks to multiple terabytes. To meet growing demands, businesses can leverage the dense capacity expansion provided by the enclosures.  Ability to cascade several enclosures provides multi-terabyte scalability. End-to-end 12Gb SAS technology doubles data transfer rate, increasing system throughput with more bandwidth and fewer I/O bottlenecks. The result:  faster access to business critical data.  Common HP ProLiant management tools with HP Smart Array controllers, HBAs and HP SmartDrives; mix and match SAS, SATA and SSDs all make setup, configuration and maintenance a breeze. The HP D3000 is ideal for small application environments in small and medium businesses, remote offices and departmental locations as well as tier two or three storage for enterprise customers.


About HP 12 Gb/s Smart Drives

Engineered for enterprise environments, HP 12 Gb/s SAS Solid State Drives (SSDs) and 12 Gb/s SAS Hard Disk Drives deliver 2X more performance over the 6 Gb/s drives.  Offering different endurance in the SSD drive portfolio and different storage capacities in the SSD and HDD drive portfolio, HP has the most complete portfolio of 12 Gb/s drives – to cover all your workload requirements at the right economics.  HP Smart Drives are built for reliability – our focus has always and will continue to be TTQ (Time to Quality).  The HDD are housed in Smart Carrier – think of them as an armor against counterfeiting and then there is that extra security against an accidental removal with the “Do not remove button” to prevent data loss. 


About HP 12 Gb/s Smart Array and Smart SAS HBAs

Designed to maximize performance, data availability, and storage capacity, the new HP Smart Array Controllers and Smart SAS HBAs have been developed to support the new HP ProLiant Gen9 Servers. Supporting 12 Gb/s SAS data transfer, new and faster DDR3-1866 MHz 72-bit memory bus speed, up to 4GB FBWC, they come in Flexible Smart Array & Smart SAS HBA form factor, standup PCIe form factor and mezzanine form factor.  The integration of bigger FBWC and the refinements made by HP to the firmware and drivers, this generation of products experience an average of 2.3x better performance for random read and 4.8x better performance for random write, based on internal testing over the previous generation.  New for Gen9 is the HP 12 Gb SAS Expander Card that can expand further your storage capacity needs.  In select servers, you can almost sextuple (6x) the number of internal drives in a server; like the ProLiant ML350 Gen9, going from eight to 48 SFF drives by using a combination of two Expander Cards and possibly two storage controllers – basically a lot of storage capacity to handle your data explosion.


To learn more on the HP D3000 Disk Enclosures, please visit and for information about the 12 Gb/s Smart Array & Smart HBA and the 12 Gb/s Smart Drives, please visit


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