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HP’s Project Smart Choice provides safe harbor in the wake of IBM uncertainty


These on-going divestures are evidence of IBM’s waning commitment to enterprise hardware which have sent ripples of uncertainty throughout the marketplace. Enterprises are now forced to reassess their long-term technology roadmap of the POWER processer that currently runs their critical applications.


So what does this mean for you and how can you make an educated evaluation for future of your infrastructure?


The main factors to consider as you move forward is the risk associated with managing a high-cost proprietary platform, lack of corporate strategy, challenges related to staffing qualified personnel to manage the heavy lift on the horizon, as well as issues related to availability and support.


HP Project Smart Choice helps you navigate the uncertainty with a viable, low-risk, industry-standard replacement for IBM Power Systems. In addition to the confidence and reliability of partnering with HP, Smart Choice provides consultation programs, migration services to our x86 servers, and free workshops specifically designed around making this transition.


Over 600 companies have already made the jump with Project Smart Choice, benefiting from HP’s decades of experience and broad portfolio of services and products

 HP_1349_Week_3_Project_Smart_Choice_Social_Graphic (2).jpg

During this industry-wide shift toward cloud and mobility, we at HP are positioned to be more than just a vendor. We are focused on building a strong technology roadmap to keep your business moving forward.


HP President and CEO Meg Whitman recently said, “To keep your business focused on the future you need a partner who is committed to your success. As you consider your next move, HP is here to help.”


Watch this video to learn how we can help you plan your strategy.



To try any of our services and offers designed to ease your transition visit for more information.

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