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HP’s newest scale-up x86 server is ready for your mission-critical workloads


Blog co-written by David Birnbaum and Diana Cortes, HP Servers


During the past few years we’ve seen a rising tide of support for using x86 servers for increasingly demanding workloads, you know, the type where if they go down it’s time to update your resume and look for a new job. Well, HP let some of our Unix server engineers go wild and apply their deep mission-critical knowledge to x86 server designs. Not only did they come up with some exceptionally resilient hardware – which you’d expect to happen from a team responsible for mission-critical computing – but they also took a deep dive into x86 operating system environments, scalability considerations, software drivers and other technology areas to come up with a truly mission-critical x86 server, the newly launched Integrity Superdome X. And this high-performance server comes at a total cost of ownership that’s far below what you’re accustomed to for this extreme level of capability.

The gurus at IDC understand what you need when deploying critical workloads, and in the past had been quick to point out holes in x86 server capabilities. But when the Superdome X was introduced, IDC noted in a white paper, sponsored by HP and Intel (Could HP’s Superdome X Be the Mission-Critical x86 Platform We’ve Been Waiting For?, December 2014) that Superdome X is ready for production environments with mission-critical workloads.

We’re also finding more and more customers around the world lining up to acquire this mission-critical server for their demanding workloads. Unlike other server manufacturers in this space who have recently paid over a billion (yes billion) dollars to get someone else to take their floundering semiconductor manufacturing operations off their hands, HP continues to invest and innovate in mission-critical computing.

So if you’ve got critical workloads that need a new server platform, we’d like to humbly suggest that you take a look at Superdome X, whether in petite size 2-socket configurations up through 16 sockets with up to 12TB of memory. Just click here to read what the IDC white paper has to say about the move away from proprietary environments and the merits of Superdome X.

Learn more about the HP Integrity Superdome X by visiting our website.

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I am a Marketing Manager within HP Servers focused on Mission-Critical Solutions.