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HPE Advances the HP-UX Platform with New Integrity i6 Servers



The new HPE Integrity i6 Servers and HP-UX 11i v3 release are purpose-built to handle the most demanding mission-critical workloads.

Together with incredible opportunity, the digital age brings to the modern enterprise a level of competitive intensity never before seen, with rising demand for anywhere, anytime access to products and services in an evHPE Integrity i6 Servers_HP-UX_blog.jpger-evolving global economy. As IT departments seek new ways to increase availability, improve customer interactions, optimize business processes, and bolster system operations, success is critically dependent on improving efficiency and performance in a highly available and reliable IT platform.

At HPE, we offer mission-critical solutions that help customers capitalize on new possibilities to empower business growth. Our mission-critical solutions portfolio is built on consistent innovation that provides real choices, rather than “one-size” answers, for customers looking to modernize their core transaction and analytic workloads or take advantage of real-time analytics while keeping pace with exploding data growth, rapid change, and rigid business continuity expectations.  

Today, let me tell you about the next steps HPE is taking in building a roadmap for continued innovation for the HPE Integrity and HP-UX environment—continuing more than three decades of delivering unparalleled availability and stability for critical workloads with renewed assurance of a long-term future. Our customers are excited with the new innovations going forward, and here is what one of our long-standing customer had to say:

“As one of Australia’s leading trade specialist suppliers of automotive aftermarket parts, accessories and workshop equipment, Burson Auto Parts has been relying on HPE’s Integrity servers and HP-UX platform for a number of years to run their most critical business applications. HPE’s announcement of the Integrity i6 servers and the 2017 HP-UX release with support for latest 3PAR storage will provide us the performance gains and reliability needed to achieve future business growth. HPE’s continued innovation and long-term vision gives us the confidence to continue to run our business-critical ERP solution on the proven and stable HP-UX environment.” – Nick Dawson, IT Infrastructure Manager, Burson Auto Parts.

Enhancing the value of HP-UX today

As HPE introduces a new generation of Integrity servers expressly designed to accelerate IT modernization and ensure business continuity, HPE remains committed to preserving customer investments in their HP-UX environments with ongoing hardware and software enhancements to boost efficiency and performance.

I am pleased to share that HPE is refreshing the entire line-up of mission-critical Integrity server offerings for HP-UX with the next-generation Intel® Itanium® processor 9700 series. The HPE Integrity i6 servers and the HP-UX 11i v3 2017 update (scheduled to be released in June) create a purpose-built platform to optimize business processing and decision support workloads, while providing investment protection for the long term.

Integrity i6 servers and HP-UX 11i v3 build on the reliability and resiliency that the Integrity brand is known for and promises to help customers drive significant business-critical advancements by delivering an infrastructure with innovations centered around:

  • Proven stabilityHPE customers can strengthen existing investments with easy upgrades that ensure hardware and software compatibility, increase TCO, and enhance overall system performance.
  • Increased efficiency—Integrity i6 servers are designed with the latest processors, extended memory, and enhanced storage technologies to achieve higher performance and better manageability for current HP-UX customers.
  • Improved availabilityHP-UX 11i v3 is relied on for its advanced high-availability, data management, and security capabilities. The 2017 release will enhance this powerful environment, delivering even greater reliability.

The Integrity i6 servers are an ideal choice for customers running HP-UX on older hardware platforms like previous generation Itanium and Integrity i2 servers. These new i6 servers provide higher performance and better total cost of ownership (TCO), while leveraging enough headroom for consolidation and new virtualization features. Together with the HP-UX 2017 release, enhanced memory, latest all-flash 3PAR and XP7 storage integration and the NVMe workload accelerator (available later in the year) – the Integrity i6 servers are expected to provide at least 30% performance increase over previous generations*.

A partner from the early access program for the servers: “From the evaluation in the early access program, we have confirmed the high quality and performance of the Kittson based Integrity servers. We are very excited about the launch of the Kittson based Integrity servers that support the advanced reliability and availability. The new generation servers will enable us to continually provide our customers with the HPE integrity servers through 2025 and beyond.” – OEM Partner, Asia Pacific Region.

Innovating for the future

Businesses operating on HP-UX will be empowered to evolve—and for our customers, the promise only gets better.

Our customers value lasting relationships, positioning HPE to be a partner in their growth. We are committed to enhancing the life of Integrity servers with ongoing advancements and system-level innovations. This includes periodic future integrations with the evolving Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) technology, continued software innovation via yearly update releases, and extended support through at least 2025, making Integrity and HP-UX the preferred choice for customers desiring balanced and real-world performance of an integrated solution environment for the long-term.

HPE will also preserve the stability of customers’ HP-UX environments by providing an additional solution choice in the future. HPE will enable customers to re-host their HP-UX workloads on Linux containers running on high-speed, industry-standard x86 based servers. Many businesses will choose to preserve the maximum performance of an integrated solution with HP-UX running on an Integrity server, while some may choose to transition to this containerized HP-UX solution when it becomes available in the future.

At HPE, we are harnessing our mission-critical solution experience and expertise to drive innovation for years to come. Our company is devoted to helping HP-UX customers evolve and improve their mission-critical environments regardless of the underlying architecture, to keep pace with ever-changing business demands.

These game-changing technologies deliver a one-two punch with software updates backed by more than three decades of proven integrated solutions. Don’t miss a second of the action—follow us on Twitter at @HPE_Servers.

Randy Meyer
VP & GM Mission Critical Solutions
Hewlett Packard Enterprise

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linkedin.gif randy-meyer

*Source: Based on HPE lab testing that compares the performance of databases hosted on traditional storage with those hosted on next generation NVMe accelerators.  There are many ways to achieve this performance. One sample:  In the case of Oracle database workloads, the database can be placed on NVMe storage. This provides more than 30% increase in throughput compared to the use of traditional disk based storage. (Tested by HP-UX Storage team, April 2017, Bangalore, India

About the Author


Randy Meyer is VP and GM for HPE Mission Critical Solutions. MCS is responsible for the product portfolio of Integrity servers, NonStop systems, Superdome X, MC990 and the HPUX platforms. Also, Converged Systems and Reference Architectures for SAP HANA, Oracle and SQL Server.

Jim Loiacono

Excellent to see this exciting new hardware release coupled with all the recent HP-UX Operating System improvements. The future enhancements with non-volatile Memory is equally impressive!