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HPE ConvergedSystem 700: Purpose-Built to Drive Virtualization, Cloud and VDI Workloads


Speed. Simplicity. Efficiency. Deploy workloads with HPE ConvergedSystem 700—delivered as a preconfigured, factory-integrated system providing an ideal foundation to run virtualization, hybrid cloud and VDI workloads.

Blog_CS700-workload-optimized.jpgIn my last blog, I talked about accelerating your transformation from a traditional business to a digital enterprise with HPE ConvergedSystem 700. It delivers a tightly integrated compute infrastructure and workload-optimized system architected for mixed workloads.

Now I’d like to continue the discussion around HPE ConvergedSystem 700 integrated system and share a bit more on the top three key use cases we’ve observed. But first, let’s recap the value proposition of HPE ConvergedSystem 700.

HPE ConvergedSystem 700 provides pre-integrated infrastructure with complete lifecycle simplicity

It ships with factory-integrated HPE Blade servers, HPE 3PAR storage, choice in networking HPE FlexFabric or Cisco and HPE OneView management software—all preconfigured to deliver speed, simplicity and efficiency as business benefits. This system is open, flexible and scalable—enabling you to start small and grow based on your needs. The HPE ConvergedSystem 700 comes with integrated lifecycle management compliance, all the way to the workload level, and solution level support.

What are the top 3 use cases for HPE ConvergedSystem 700?

HPE ConvergedSystem 700 is been optimized to meet your virtualization, hybrid cloud and workplace productivity needs. How?

  1. Optimized for virtualization: Delivered as an integrated system, HPE ConvergedSystem 700 supports both VMware and Microsoft virtualization environments. The optimized system serves as an ideal infrastructure for building your hybrid cloud, deploying a workplace productivity solution, or supporting any other virtualized workloads or containers in your environment.
  1. Optimized for hybrid cloud: Purpose-built for cloud, HPE ConvergedSystem 700 offers the option to factory integrate HPE Helion CloudSystem. This powerful solution enables cloud economics and agility for on‑premises IT—all operating within a software-defined environment. By creating dynamic pools of resources, HPE ConvergedSystem 700 enables faster delivery of cloud services. And because it is HPE factory pre-integrated with HPE Helion CloudSystem software, HPE ConvergedSystem 700 offers out-of-the-box capabilities such as an easy-to-use self-service portal and a customizable service catalogue that lets you automate, orchestrate, and control your applications. In fact, you can standardize and automate multi-tier cloud services and publish them to the service catalogue—enabling you to deliver predictable outcomes. And that means you can better manage costs and risks.
  1. Optimized for workplace productivity: Your workforce is moving away from the traditional PC environment and going mobile. Your employees want the flexibility of working anywhere, at any time, using their own devices. HPE ConvergedSystem 700 can help you meet these demands by tapping into the power of a workplace productivity environment (for example Client Virtualization). With HPE ConvergedSystem 700 and VDI, you can revolutionize productivity, streamline workforce management, and provide an accelerated graphics experience that is on par with dedicated PCs and workstations.

There’s more HPE ConvergedSystem 700 can do

Besides running your most common workloads virtualization, cloud and VDI, HPE ConvergedSystem 700 supports other key single or mixed workloads delivered through HPE Reference Architectures. Fully tested and validated, these “blueprints for success” are built on decades of HPE technical expertise and independent software vendor best practices. HPE Reference Architectures are tuned to ensure the optimal performance of a specific application—helping you to reduce provisioning time, cost and errors when deploying new applications.

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