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HPE DC Persistent Memory featuring Intel Optane Technology wows at HPE Discover Madrid



At HPE Discover 2018 Madrid in November, HPE celebrated a world where everything computes with thousands of technology professionals from around the world.

Attendees enjoyed hundrepersistent-memory-hpe-discover-madrid-2018.jpgds of technical, business, and training sessions that featured interviews, demonstrations, and workshops on AI, HPC and Big Data analytics, Hybrid Cloud, the Internet of Things, and dozens of other topics. One very popular theme with attendees was persistent memory.

HPE has been a pioneer in the development of persistent memory, introducing the industry’s first complete DDR4 nonvolatile DIMM solution in 2015. Today, HPE partners with Intel to introduce a new kind of persistent memory solution for rollout in 2019. On the first day of Discover, HPE and Intel® delivered a joint presentation that introduced HPE DC Persistent Memory, featuring Intel Optane™ Technology.

The presentation, called Disrupting the Storage/Memory Hierarchy, was delivered by Tom Lattin, HPE ProLiant and Cloudline Systems Product Management director, and Pawel Skowron, Intel Data Center Group’s Memory and Storage Solutions representative. The presentation highlighted HPE’s contributions as a pioneer in the persistent memory category, and announced our relationship as Intel’s lead OEM vendor of Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory.

This initial presentation was just one of many sessions and discussions on HPE DC Persistent Memory. In the Intel booth, an HPE representative was on hand to answer customer questions, and attendees also had an opportunity to view a video demonstration of an HPE ProLiant DL560 Gen10 server, loaded with a 10 TB database. The system leveraged 12 TB of HPE DC Persistent Memory, configured as storage, to illustrate the benefits of storing on persistent memory instead of on a hard drive. The demonstration featured nine queries using a 2017 Microsoft SQL server, not optimized for persistent memory, versus a 2019 Microsoft SQL server optimized for persistent memory. The return was markedly better on the 2019 server.

HPE also participated in a very popular “Meet the Experts” session in the Intel booth, where HPE and Intel pros discussed the basics of persistent memory. As Discover attendees watched the demo and listened to the sessions, many said they began to understand that this technology would be the next step to providing their mission-critical workloads with more flexibility to configure safely and strategically.

Based on feedback from attendees, HPE and Intel customers alike seemed eager to understand how they could best leverage the operational agility, faster insights, and business continuity that HPE DC Persistent Memory, featuring Intel Optane Technology will provide.

To watch a recording of the joint HPE/Intel presentation entitled Disrupting the Storage/Memory Hierarchy, please visit

MeetAdrian Salinas headshot.gif HPE Server Experts blogger Adrian Salinas, Server Memory Senior Product Manager, HPE Server Options.


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