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HPE Prepares Customers for Success with the HPC Software Stack


In this thriving Idea Economy, the keys to success are innovation and evolution. Today’s manufacturers, retailers, traders, and scientists are striving to improve their organizations in order to operate more efficiently, increase employee productivity, and drive economic growth like never before. Those who do will gain clear competitive advantage and become thought leaders within their industries.

But ideas are just the first stage of success.

Data is the most valuable currency in the Idea Economy, as it allows organizations to extract and respond to customer insights in real-time, make more informed decisions, and increase performance in all areas of operations. And time is the most critical component of this process.

Many organizations struggle to process the rising volumes of high-velocity data. Those operating on legacy systems lack the speed and efficiency required to derive value from vast quantities of information. And with competitors rapidly converting information into actionable intelligence, every second counts. 

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In order to survive, IT departments must invest in a new style of IT to rapidly bring their ideas to life. Only the right high-performance computing (HPC) software has the capacity to quickly process and enact on a variety of data types to deliver enhanced products and services, ensure customer satisfaction, and drive innovation. Organizations running on the latest high-density servers and scale-out architectures are best equipped to harness the full power of economic insight and achieve better business outcomes.

HPC technologies can be complex and time-consuming to install and maintain. However, with the right software environment, organizations can not only streamline the deployment process, but they can also increase HPC application performance and dramatically improve system reliability and efficiency.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) offers a comprehensive, pre-built HPC environment that promises to ramp up production and optimize processes from end to end. Our complete software set includes the development tools, runtime libraries, schedulers, and management tools required to help organizations succeed.

HPE Core HPC Software Stack 2.0

Additionally, the HPE Core HPC Software Stack works to streamline installation and maintenance, while providing a flexible HPC platform to facilitate business growth. This stack includes management tools to create, optimize, and run HPC applications for specific workloads.

The HPC Software Stack leverages the HPE Cluster Setup Tool to speed the installation of an HPC cluster. The HPE Cluster Test Lite software validates the cluster to ensure that all components are correctly installed and functioning, while the HPE Insight Cluster Management Utility continuously monitors system usage, manages resources, and tests systems operations for maximum optimization.

HPE Insight Cluster Management Utility 8.1

The HPE Insight Cluster Management Utility (CMU) is a flexible and efficient interface designed to streamline HPC and Big Data cluster management at scale and support a growing business. CMU simplifies the management and rapid deployment of Linux clusters, enabling IT departments to easily install software cluster environments, monitor cluster metrics, remotely manage IT resources, and increase productivity. This hyperscale platform makes even the largest cluster easy to manage, and significantly reduces operating costs.

Other benefits of CMU include:

  • At-a-glance view of servers, partitions, or the entire system
  • Monitoring of environmental, performance, and administrative information for easy use
  • Multi-window broadcast (console, serial, and ILO)
  • Easy configuration audit (with cmu_diff)
  • Industry-standard, automated installation
  • Fast, scalable cloning of cluster servers
  • Disk-based and diskless in-memory support for faster provisioning

To capitalize on these management capabilities, organizations worldwide are using CMU to monitor, manage, and provision their HPC environments.

According to Dave “Sunny” Sundstrom, HPC Software Products & Strategy, “HPE delivers HPC systems to customers of all scales, and based on what our customers have told us, we’re rebuilding complete HPC software portfolios to go with our systems. We’re delivering the first complete HPC software stack that runs on HPE servers.”

HPE is offering a next generation stack to help customers achieve even greater cost-savings, energy efficiency, and operational productivity. With more HPC solutions to come, the question is – are you ready for success?

To learn more about what our HPC software stacks can do for your business, contact HPE. You can also follow me on Twitter at @Bill_Mannel.

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As the Vice President and General Manager of HPC and AI Segment Solutions in the Data Center Infrastructure Group, I lead worldwide business and portfolio strategy and execution for the fastest growing market segments in HPE’s Data Center Infrastructure Group which includes the recent SGI acquisition and the HPE Apollo portfolio.