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HPE collaborates with the Chinook working group to expand Redfish scope




To be effective in today’s cloud-based, data-driven world, businesses must adopt a new approach to IT automation, yet many organizations lack the tools and scripting environments to drive that adoption. In order to accomplish that, Hewlett Packard Enterprise supports Chinook effort.

Back in September 2014, the DMTF started work on the Redfish specification to address the need for a modern systems management standard, setting up a path to modernize the data center management at scale- (HPE collaboration results in Redfish—an industry-standard specification for data center management) .

Software Defined Infrastructure enables organizations to quickly deploy and manage compute resources in heterogeneous, scale-out environments, and the Redfish Specification provides an industry standard foundation to accomplish that goal.

Following HPE’s commitment to open industry standards for simple and unified management, we are pleased to be part of the Chinook working group that incorporates storage resources management to expand the scope of the Redfish Specification.

As part of the Chinook working group, HPE contributed schemas for modeling BIOS settings and UEFI Secure Boot support among other components, which some of them we not only have implemented on our HPE Servers but is been shipping over a year on HPE iLO4 and UEFI firmware. With this HPE is not only leading the industry but leading customer enablement by proving command tools and libraries (Python, PowerShell).

Now that the Chinook working group has submitted its work to the DMTF and its Scalable Platforms Management Forum, the members continue to work to incorporate feedback from the larger Forum membership, and it hopes to produce a completed set of extensions to Redfish by mid-2016.

For more information on the working progress open for feedback go to the DMTF Redfish section or for our current implementation of Redfish go to 

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I am a Product Manager managing the Scripting Portfolio like PowerShell and iLO RESTful API for HPE Server Software. Stay tuned for topics on Software Management, Software Defined Compute and iLO RESTful API! Follow me @AnaMachado08