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HPE iLO 5: Performance and Security on HPE Gen10 servers



With today’s technologies and Big Data systems, optimizing application performance is more important than ever. HPE Gen10 servers and HPE iLO 5 deliver the tuning innovations that IT can leverage to drive the business.

iLO5_Gen10_blog.jpgWith today’s new technologies and all the Big Data that your enterprise systems now generate, optimizing application performance, creating flexible capacity, and building a scalable infrastructure are more important than ever. Cloud and mobility make it easy for your employees to collaborate and communicate with each other and with customers and partners—anywhere, anytime. But if applications bog down or if data bottlenecks occur because the server isn’t properly tuned, it does not matter which advanced technology tools you happen to have in your hands.

Delivering the performance users need to get jobs done requires intelligent system tuning. IT teams need a flexible IT model to dynamically configure server resources so they match and adjust to specific application workloads on-the-fly. Only then can servers achieve the high levels of performance and efficiency  your business needs so more deals close and customers receive superior services.

Revolutionary server tuning capabilities

To help you take on the challenge of tuning application performance, HPE partnered with Intel to develop Intelligent System Tuning (IST). This new set of server configuration technologies allows your IT team to dynamically adjust servers to match the unique needs of each workload.

IST is available exclusively on HPE Gen10 ProLiant servers running HPE Integrated Lights Out (iLO) 5. iLO 5 gives consistent insight into the health and operation of Gen10 servers, along with tools to manage servers more efficiently and resolve issues quickly From anywhere in the world.

iLO 5 also features the latest  revolutionary server tuning innovations:

  • Jitter Smoothing levels and balances frequency fluctuation, minimizes jitter and corrects latency problems while in Intel’s Turbo Boost mode. This feature delivers more deterministic performance and, in many cases, can improve throughput above Turbo Boost Mode alone.
  • Workload Matching automatically matches internal server resources to the specific requirements of each application workload. Preconfigured workload profiles tune internal server resources that can save hours of time doing the research to tune a server to a workload optimally.
  • Core Boosting, for which HPE and Intel are collaborating to unveil in the near future, will allow servers to achieve higher performance across fewer CPUs. This feature is ideal for virtualized environments as well as Big Data workloads that depend on a scalable infrastructure. Best of all, this is not over-clocking so your Intel warranty and reliability is maintained.

Backed by the world’s most secure industry standard servers*

In addition to managing your server environment and improving application performance, iLO 5 enables enhanced IT security features to deliver the world’s most secure industry standard servers. Some of the key security features include:

  • Silicon Root of Trust—a security fingerprint, anchored into the iLO 5 chip, to prevent compromised code from booting
  • Common Access Card (CAC)—two-factor authentication
  • Commercial National Security Algorithms (CNSA) encryption—the highest level of commercial encryption in the industry
  • Run-time firmware verification—checking essential firmware for compromised code every day
  • Automatic firmware recovery—if compromised code is detected, recover to known good firmware automatically

Take a test drive and discover the benefits of faster server performance

Learn more about Intelligent System Tuning and the infrastructure provisioning benefits offered by iLO 5. If you’re a current HPE Gen10 customer, take a test drive to see what it’s like to optimize server performance and create on-demand capacity—by downloading a trial license of iLO Advanced or the iLO Advanced Premium Security Edition.

*Based on external firm conducting cyber security penetration testing of a range of server products from a range of manufactures, May 2017.

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Jay has spent over 17 years in HPE engineering program management and product management. He is currently the WW Product Manager for Intelligent System Tuning and the WW Product Manager for our HPE iLO security offerings. Past endeavours included infrastructure for Linux software, virtualization, OpenStack, and our HPE Security software offerings. He enjoys running, motorcycle touring, and occasionally breaking out his guitar.