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Harnessing HPC Simulation to Deliver Cutting-Edge Patient Care



Thanks to advancements in HPC, simulation tools are optimizing business performance and delivering real-time insights to improve patient care.

Advancing compute capabilities have transformed the way businesses operate by rapidly increasing cost savings, driving efficiencies, and improving overall performance. Thanks to the exponential growth of high performance computing (HPC) technologies, today’s organizations have the opportunity to support increasingly complex workloads faster and with fewer technical components, which reduces operating costs and simplifies HPC deployment and management.

Today’s organizations are harnessing the speed and performance of HPC solutions to power sophisticated models and simulations. Manufacturers and engineers utilize realistic simulation tools to more efficiently design and visualize new offerings, accelerate valuable insights, andSimulatedBrianBlog.jpg enhance employee collaboration across a number of remote devices and worksites. These cutting-edge capabilities are key to real-time analysis, helping organizations across multiple industries operate quickly and effectively.

HPC simulation solutions are enhancing life sciences operations by providing doctors with critical, real-time information that drives data-driven decisions-making and allows them to test new medical procedures without wasting valuable time or IT resources. Simulating live tissues is a complex and challenging process that requires powerful technologies to produce patient-specific digital replicas. The sheer variety of bodily tissues—ranging from artery walls, tendons, cartilage, and organs to bones, skin, and connective tissue—makes quickly accessing and analyzing volumes of Big Data critical to engineering a biologically precise and adaptable model. Organizations with legacy systems and sluggish processing speeds run the risk of compromising the accuracy of simulations.

With the assistance of HPC, users have the ability to seamlessly retrieve and visualize vast amounts of data in order to create an exact tissue model for simulation. This allows organizations to leverage physically and physiologically realistic simulations for predictive analysis that helps to reduce the incidence of misdiagnosis.

As healthcare procedures become increasingly complicated, medical centers are tasked with providing more and enhanced services with a dwindling pool of human, financial, and clinical resources. In an effort to combat massive labor and material expenses, medical centers are investing in HPC solutions which promote cost savings and efficient allocation of resources, that also allow them to engineer adaptable tissue models that significantly enhance disease prevention, detection, and treatment.

Yet the greatest benefit of modeling comes from combining well-validated models into one simulation to gain a better understanding of a procedure, as well as what is needed to produce healthy, functional tissue. Precise 3D models are created by analyzing an endless stream of data from medical images including CT scans, MRI images, and 3D ultrasounds. While this caliber of simulation was impossible even a few years ago, today’s engineers are leveraging high-quality imagery and sophisticated processing tools to power increasingly sophisticated simulations.

Simulation solutions are gaining significant attention in the HPC community as organizations rely more than ever on predictive analytics to deliver real-time insights and enhance the quality of patient care. Thanks to continued advancements in HPC, modeling and simulation techniques are at the very core of breakthrough engineering capabilities, providing crucial information to healthcare professionals and offering endless possibilities not only for patient care but the future of data analytics.

To learn more about how HPC-powered simulations are revolutionizing business operations, I invite you to follow me on Twitter at @BillMannel. You can also follow @HPE_HPC for the latest HPC news and updates.

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