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Hewlett Packard Enterprise Engineering with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server


Host Blog Written by: Craig Lamparter, Lead Linux Engineer, Hewlett Packard Enterprise 


Don't tell the boss, but every good system manager should be able to automate their job on their first week.  How else to you keep your reputation as a miracle worker?  Looking out over the cubicle farm you can spot them, playing Nethack, Nettrek or Quake (certainly not Halo).  Lazy is the mother of all invention in the Linux shop -- why do something over and over when I can use the power of Linux, SUSE Linux, to do it for me?  Mundane tasks are for computers and I have punks to frag.


I've developed technology that supports this utopian work ethic. Over the past 20 years this technology has deployed over 80,000 Linux hosts.


I've worked in IT, Managed Services, the Cloud, and now I make Linux run on servers we make.  All of this requires integration, regression testing, minimum acceptance criteria, and yes, a *LOT* of Linux installations.


When you attend our presentation at SUSECon, I'll share some of these secrets with you -- just don't bring your manager, or it'll dispel the myth.  I'm going to let you in on how we use SUSE Linux to initialize baby ProLiants at the factory.  I'll describe how we deployed 10's of thousands of Linux hosts in our own company.  When you make your own hardware, it doesn't come with a driver disc so we'll talk about modifying the Linux kernel and/or making or using a SUSE bootable driver kit.  We'll talk about how to automatically snag ProLiant rpm packages from HPE, from agent software, to firmware, to drivers.  Remember, if you cannot automate it, then it cannot be done.


Join me at my session:


CAS21470 - Engineering with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server:

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