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Hitting a Decision Point with Your IT Infrastructure?


Our economy has truly moved into the digital age as demonstrated by the proliferation of online ticket purchasing and airline reservations, mobile banking, and stock trading. Digital enterprises are turning entire industries on their heads as new business models spring up. In this new world of digitization and online commerce, execution speed is paramount. To succeed, companies must reimagine IT or be left behind.


In many organizations, IT is scrambling to track assets and customers, match needs efficiently, balance workloads across disparate variables, and instantly bill (and notify) everyone involved. Most of today’s IT architectures have hit a decision point, and they are not up to the task of supporting modern business.


When only 5% of customers bought tickets or banked online, it was adequate to place core systems (racks, towers, and blades) at the edge to serve the marketplace. Now, with the majority of commerce conducted online, it is imperative to create purpose-built solutions that can manage the next-generation workloads that effective customer engagement demands.


To understand how much things have changed, consider how people built technology in the past: Ten or 15 years ago, the server industry was defined by the usual back-office operations: managing systems for inventory control, payroll, HR, finance, and accounting. Customer engagement was minimal.


It was a siloed approach to technology with server vendors following the path of innovation pioneered by chip manufacturers. The focus was on creating the best performing and most efficient server. Business models were built on cost optimization and these systems were seen as cost centers.


Now, the market demands rapid and responsive development, with upgrades of applications requested (and delivered) many times daily, so the data center and the compute resources underlying it must function differently. The siloed systems of yesterday just won’t cut it. It’s a simple question of “Has your IT hit a decision point?”


This is where HP can help. HP Compute is about having the right compute for the right workload at the right price point, every time. It’s about purpose-built technology that serves flexible and adaptable business outcomes—technology that adapts rapidly with the business in response to new applications or requirements that arise day-to-day, hour-to-hour, or minute-to-minute. It is technology that doesn’t require a great deal of management or engineering to maintain. It’s about having the flexibility to make a massive number of changes every day, quickly and easily. To see how industry leaders across the globe are using the HP Compute approach to turn IT into an agile and responsive services-centered powerhouse, view IT Infrastructure Transformation Stories from around the World:



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