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How IBM Customers Can Accelerate Business with HPE and SAP HANA



Did you know IBM Power customers are moving business critical applications, like SAP HANA, to Linux with HPE? Learn why companies like Multipharma are making the move.. 

mission critical_accelerate business_blog.jpgHave you checked out your data center recently? Do you know how many IBM Power systems are in there running complex, mission-critical applications for ERP and other business processing tasks?

It may be worth taking a peek as many companies who have IBM Power are deciding to make a change and run their business critical applications such as SAP HANA on Linux with HPE.

What’s motivating this change?

Before we answer that, let’s examine some of the key needs for today’s businesses. You need to:

  • Deliver more strategic value to the business faster, while reducing cost and risk.
  • Innovate rapidly so you can reliably meet the challenges of the always-on world to achieve this...
  • Evolve your IT environment to modern systems and applications.

Let’s look back at IBM AIX. It was a powerful environment in its time. But now that industry-standard servers and operating environments have become powerful and reliable enough to match it, forward-thinking enterprises move off IBM Power for good reasons:

  1. You can reduce costs by over 50% and reallocate savings for new, innovative projects that deliver tangible business outcomes.* Moving to either a cloud or x86 environment with HPE allows you to maintain your service levels while significantly reducing your platform and operating costs.
  2. With few major software vendors supporting AIX, participating in OpenPOWER, or porting apps to PowerLinux, now’s the chance to future-proof your core business applications.
  3. With the rapid adoption of cloud to drive down costs and accelerate time-to-market and a rapidly changing cloud landscape, you need to keep your options open. But if you’re running on IBM Power, the only deployment option is a high-cost cloud from IBM which limits your choice and growth path.

Why move to HPE?

Here’s a recent example of a business who made the decision to go with industry-standard systems from HPE.

Multipharma and its El Ezaby pharmacies recently accelerated data collection by 12-24x by replacing IBM Power with HPE Integrity Superdome X powered by Intel.

Established in 1973, El Ezaby is recognized as Egypt's leading provider of health and personal care products. The company decided to modernize its SAP CRM and ERP systems by moving from IBM Power servers to HPE Integrity Superdome X servers powered by Intel® Xeon® processors running SUSE Linux. 

To meet the unique operational requirements of each line of business, the company took advantage of HPE nPars (our unique hard partitioning technology).

El Ezaby now benefits from 12-18x faster transaction processing. CRM reports that previously took 2-to-3 hours now complete in under 10 minutes, while the collation of business intelligence and finance report data was reduced from a full day to under two hours.

“Superdome X is ideal for the type of big data transactions we handle every day. We’re now able to manage transaction processing for all the El Ezaby outlets, with no latency problems as we had experienced with our older infrastructure. It’s having a very positive effect on customer satisfaction and helping our business improve sales. With a complete, integrated HPE infrastructure optimized for SAP HANA, we now have the increased performance, capacity, and high availability to serve our customers with the highest levels of efficiency and responsiveness for many years.”  - Haitham EL-Ghamry, IT Director, El Ezaby

Watch the video to see how HPE helped Multipharma and El Ezaby resolve IT challenges by moving from IBM Power to HPE Integrity Superdome X.

Read the complete case study: Egyptian pharmaceutical distributor modernizes business with HPE solution for SAP HANA

If you have questions or need more information, contact us at

*Proven methods and results for successful IBM Power Systems migration, HPE, June 2016

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Feisal (Fas) Mosleh is a veteran Silicon Valley executive who has developed technology products and business strategy at IBM, HP, Agilent, Kodak and Avago with operational experience spanning enterprise IT, software, imaging, mobile and electronics. Fas runs HPE’s IBM competitive program worldwide. Follow him on Twitter: @Feisal2020