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Improving the Patient Care Landscape with IT Modernization



Big data is rapidly becoming an issue for healthcare providers. Technologies like remote consultation platforms, mobile phone applications that track symptoms, and wearable devices that can monitor ailments give healthcare providers the data they need to provide personalized diagnoses and treatments faster and more efficiently than ever before. The potential improvements are innumerable: more research on prevention with automated reporting, better diagnoses with unified data from various sources, and faster treatment with deep learning that can analyze and synthesize research so healthcare providers can spend more time with patients. In fact, with big data, healthcare providers will soon be able to personalize treatment to a person’s unique genetic makeup.

With this massive increase in data, healthcare providers need IT solutions that can keep up while keeping thUntitled design (5).jpgeir data secure. Small and midsize business (SMB) healthcare providers especially need to invest in IT solutions that will give them the most efficiency, security, and agility at an affordable and easy-to-deploy level. Right-sized IT solutions are key to managing big data so healthcare SMBs can focus on providing the best care possible. Using solutions designed specifically for SMBs, healthcare providers can modernize their IT to ensure real-time access to data while protecting sensitive patient information and conforming to HIPPA regulations, allowing them to meet patient satisfaction standards for higher value at lower costs.

Healthcare SMBs require simple, affordable storage that accelerates performance and scales to accommodate growth and ever-increasing data needs. Hybrid flash The HPE MSA Storage family, the industry-leading entry storage SAN platform for the past 8 years, provides versatile and reliable storage that supports growth, allowing businesses to protect investments as they grow with data-in-place upgrades. The MSA 2052 storage system is an entry-level storage platform with built-in hybrid flash, giving healthcare SMBs the application acceleration and high-performance they need to provide the best service possible. The MSA 2052 system is ideal for SMBs, providing them with the following:

  • Budget-friendly but feature rich for peak performance. The MSA 2052 system comes standard with two 800 GB flash drives so IT managers can accelerate application performance. It also comes standard with Advanced Data Services Software Suite LTU, which provides users with automatic tiering, 512 snapshots, and remote snaps for remote replication.
  • Intuitive setup for rapid deployment. An intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) offers a simple, consumer-driven management experience with built-in best practices engine, and with three distinct tiers, automated tiering dynamically responds to workload changes to balance capacity utilization on all drives.
  • Scalability for investment protection. MSA 2052 are designed to allow an installation to begin with smaller capacity and be able to grow gradually as needed. HPE’s data-in-place upgrades protect drive investments, and with FC and iSCSI remote replication, disaster recovery is affordable. Using MSA 2052 allows healthcare SMBs to start small and grow along multiple dimensions, adding performance, capacity, resiliency, and file protocol support as needs change.

HPE MSA 2052 storage system gives healthcare SMBs the flexibility, scalability, and performance to allow them to focus more on patient care and less on data storage.

For SMBs looking for all-flash storage with cloud-readiness, HPE has teamed up with Nimble storage. Nimble Storage offers predictive flash storage, a fast-growing market and an increasingly important element of today's hybrid IT environment. This gives SMBs the ability to seamlessly move data and replicate across hybrid flash and all-flash storage to meet unpredictable IT demands. Beyond implementing Nimble’s flash storage, HPE also incorporates Nimble’s InfoSight Predictive Analytics platform which automatically detects 90 percent of all issues within a customer's infrastructure. This platform resolves over 85 percent of them, dramatically reducing the amount of time and effort an SMBs IT team spends on support activities. 

To learn more about how HPE storage solutions can help improve the patient landscape in your healthcare SMB, please follow us on Twitter at @HPE_SMB.

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