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In the face of disaster, will your IT be ready?

Weather and climate related disasters wreaked havoc on the US in 2012, costing billions of dollars in damages. Now in the wake of the devastation and destruction caused by Typhoon Haiyan this month, officials estimate recovery may cost as much as $5.8 billion.  With these kinds of losses, it’s worth wondering about what has changed over the last 20 years. Why are the losses growing with each and every disaster?


In today’s complex IT world, applications and data proliferate like they never have before. They are real-time, customer-facing, and integrated into every aspect of your business. Today, many organizations recognize the importance and need to implement a high availability and disaster recovery plan, but few have the resources, time, or expertise to test their ability to recover from such costly disasters.  


Downtime and loss of data can and often does equate to loss of business. The recent disasters illustrate that downtime is an inevitable and unpredictable occurrence but it does not have to equate to a disaster for your business. Mission critical systems require high availability, and that’s where HP plays a key role.


At HP, we are redefining the future of mission critical x86.  With HP's 4 socket and above scalable x86-based systems (DL560, DL580, DL585, DL980 and BL680) and HP’s high availability and disaster recovery solution on Linux, Serviceguard Solutions for Linux, you can rest assured that your mission critical applications and services stay up and keep running.


Want to find out more?  Join us at HP Discover to learn how you can start your journey towards a mission critical x86 environment. The sessions/demos you won’t want to miss include:



  • HP AppSystem for SQL Server Parallel Data Warehouse: Optimized for volume, value and business results (DT2118)
  • Building mission-critical solutions with Linux and protecting them with Serviceguard for Linux (TB2115)
  • HP ProLiant DL980 server: a powerhouse for your largest enterprise workloads (DF2122)
  • HP Serviceguard for Linux: Increase your Linux uptime with this top-ranking clustering solution, now with SAP HANA support (DF2443)


  • Microsoft Windows on Mission-Critical x86 Servers (Demo 2048/5524)
  • Linux on Mission-Critical x86 Servers (Demo 2046/5526)
  • HP ProLiant DL980 – A powerhouse for your largest enterprise workloads (Demo 2047/5525)

Want to learn more about everything else going on at HP Discover?  Visit the website!

If you haven’t already done so, register for HP Discover here. For a full list of HP Server sessions at the event, click here.

We look forward to seeing you in Barcelona!

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