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Increasing Business Growth with Innovative Healthcare IoT Solutions



Healthcare SMBs who implement IoT solutions have the opportunity to leverage IoT insights and improve patient care, while ensuring the quality and security of healthcare operations.

Healthcare.jpgIn today’s bustling life sciences industry, electronic health records, medical research trials, telehealth, advanced healthcare applications, Internet-enabled devices, and more are generating endless streams of information that can help businesses operate more effectively and intelligently and better serve patients. These data types are the most valuable currency in the digital age, and healthcare organizations are striving to quickly capture, process, and store these growing datasets in order to derive actionable insight.

A rising number of intelligent devices is connecting on a platform known as the Internet of Things (IoT). These “things” include personal devices and handhelds to patient monitoring tools and on-premises IT. The IoT is expanding rapidly from 6 billion connected things in 2015 to a projected 27 billion by 2025, generating over 2 zettabytes of data. While this data-rich climate can dramatically change the way organizations interact with patients and administer care, many small and midsize businesses (SMBs) are struggling to harness the full power of IoT data while ensuring optimal performance and security.

What can give healthcare administrators big headaches?

Data security, data availability, and compliance with increasing regulatory mandates are chief concerns for healthcare administrators. SMBs who are facing strict budgets and limited IT management expertise must implement small business IT solutions to streamline data analysis, optimize healthcare operations and care delivery, and bolster small business data security, all at an affordable price.

Healthcare SMBs must create an infrastructure that is fast, scalable, reliable, and secure. Those who do will enable faster data collection and analysis, more accurate diagnoses, and seamless collaboration both internally and with partnerships—which is vital to drive patient satisfaction and business innovation.

To survive in this evolving industry, SMBs are looking to enhance IoT network security and connectivity while adhering to budget and manpower restrictions. Aruba Instant Access Points help healthcare organizations connect and manage IoT devices across the network. Aruba network switches are easy to deploy and manage with advanced security and network management tools, enabling agile, scalable switching from the intelligent edge to core and across a variety of remote offices and locations. This offers healthcare SMBs the flexibility and simplicity to meet the escalating demand for fast, personalized, and affordable care.

With Aruba technologies, HPE can help you enhance IT innovation and performance at a low cost. In a recent HPE/Aruba-sponsored survey, organizations who effectively harness the IoT are achieving valuable competitive advantage, fostering business growth, and significantly cutting costs. In fact, approximately 80% of businesses have ramped up innovation and an additional 73% have increased cost savings—and that’s not all.

Healthcare SMBs who implement innovative IoT solutions will have many advantages:  

  • Flexible, adaptive portfolio without added cost or complexity 
  • Standards-based technology that is easy to plug and play into existing networks
  • Added security as well as application prioritization 
  • Ability to be managed locally or in the cloud, enabling complete visibility and manageability
  • 89% faster on-boarding for devices with Aruba ClearPass
  • 36% faster throughput than competitors with Aruba Wi-Fi Access Points

IoT solutions from HPE Aruba are empowering healthcare organizations with an intelligent IT platform that is simple to deploy, high-performing, and easy to manage. SMBs who adopt these technologies will have the opportunity to leverage IoT insights and improve patient care, while ensuring the quality and security of healthcare operations.

To learn more about healthcare IoT solutions that are positioning SMBs to succeed, I invite you to follow us on Twitter at @HPE_SMB.

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