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Intelligent System Tuning: More Server Performance for Less


When apps run too slowly while IT costs escalate, the answer could be as simple as tuning the performance of your servers. HPE Intelligent System Tuning enables you to provision better performance across fewer CPUs.

Blog_IST.jpgWhen end users complain their applications are running too slowly, the natural reaction is to add more CPU firepower to the enterprise data center. But then IT costs begin to spiral out of control, and now the CFO is knocking on the door.

It’s the proverbial “stuck between a rock and a hard place” that many IT teams find themselves. Before too long, the CEO demands to know: “How will IT solve the problem?”

The answer could be as simple as tuning the performance of your servers, so the IT infrastructure can do more while the IT department spends less. As your end users experience faster applications that quickly deliver the information they need to do their jobs, you will also discover it’s possible to apply server management best practices that allow you to achieve workload optimization and provision better performance—across fewer CPUs!

Achieving this vision is all about creating the new compute experience that delivers more IT agility. Superior products and services supported by superior server performance adds up to a formula for keeping your competitive edge in fiercely-competitive markets.

Intelligent system tuning helps achieve the ideal IT environment

Many organizations struggle to achieve this ideal IT environment—peak server performance and controlled server costs. This may be due to a one-size-fits-all server architecture that does not support the customization of hardware resources to match the needs of each unique workload.

If your business is ready to break free from these restrictions, then the time is right to deploy Intelligent System Tuning (IST) from HPE. Developed in partnership with Intel, HPE IST provides server tuning that helps you achieve significant performance improvements, real savings, and a more intelligent data center infrastructure environment.

With HPE IST, your IT team can dynamically configure server resources to match specific workloads to achieve higher levels of efficiency and control. IST can also level and balance frequency fluctuation and enable higher performance across fewer processors.

Three revolutionary capabilities

Available exclusively on HPE Gen10 servers with HPE Integrated Lights Out (iLO) 5, HPE IST features three innovative capabilities that deliver big boosts in performance:

  • Jitter Smoothing—patent-pending technology that levels and balances frequency fluctuation while in Intel’s Turbo Boost mode. This delivers deterministic performance by reducing latency and, in many workloads, can actually increase throughput above Turbo Boost mode
  • Workload Matching—time-saving technology that enables you to choose from preconfigured server profiles to automatically tune server resources to match common workloads.
  • Core Boosting(1) —unique technology that enables higher performance across more processor cores, resulting in significant savings in core-based licensing.

These capabilities also make it easier to manage on-premises infrastructure solutions by delivering higher levels of agility and control to your server environment. With these groundbreaking new features, your organization can dynamically tune server performance to match the needs of each workload, drive real cost savings and create a more intelligent server environment:

  • Using Jitter Smoothing during Turbo Boost Mode can deliver deterministic performance above processor base mode and increase performance by 5.2%(2).
  • Leveraging Workload Profiles can save hours of time researching the best combination of server BIOS setting for a particular application. 
  • Implementing Core Boosting drives higher performance across fewer processors and can save $100K annually in core-based licensing costs(3). This is done without over-clocking so you Intel warranty and reliability is maintained. Feature coming soon!

Take a test drive to discover faster server performance

To see just how much you can optimize your server performance, download an iLO Advanced trial license or the iLO Advanced Premium Security Edition trial license to access HPE IST technology—available exclusively on Gen10 servers with iLO 5.

To find out more about server tuning that helps you achieve significant performance improvements, a more intelligent server environment, and reduced IT costs, visit the HPE website.

(1) Feature coming soon.

(2) HPE Internal testing from Performance Engineering Benchmarking team, April 2017.

(3) HPE Internal testing from Performance Engineering Benchmarking team, April 2017. Note: Core Boosting is a unique feature of HPE Gen10 servers when paired with select Intel processors and specific hardware options. & Reducing costs in your Oracle database environment https://h20

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Jay has spent over 17 years in HPE engineering program management and product management. He is currently the WW Product Manager for Intelligent System Tuning and the WW Product Manager for our HPE iLO security offerings. Past endeavours included infrastructure for Linux software, virtualization, OpenStack, and our HPE Security software offerings. He enjoys running, motorcycle touring, and occasionally breaking out his guitar.