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Is HPE DC Persistent Memory data’s new best friend?



DRAM has always been a good friend to data, but it has a challenger for the role of BFF. Should Persistent Memory featuring Intel Optane Technology be your best buddy, too?

what-is-persistent-memory-blog_shutterstock_166094117.jpgWhen you were growing up, you probably had lots of friends. But your BFF? Well, s/he was special. Your closest confidant. Your partner in crime. A permanent participant in your life’s homeruns and strikeouts. After all, best friends bring out the best in us. But what about your data? Does it need a trusted sidekick, too?

Data is a key business asset, and your ability to compete is increasingly driven by how well you are able to leverage that data, apply analytics, and make fast business decisions based on your analysis. But analyzing the massive amount of data you collect can be a challenge.

Historically, DRAM, with its impressive capacity, bandwidth, and scalability, has always been a good friend to data. DRAM provides significantly higher access speeds, which leads to quicker data analysis. But now DRAM has a challenger as data’s BFF―namely, HPE DC Persistent Memory featuring Intel® Optane™ Technology. Persistent memory approximates the speed of traditional, volatile DRAM, but ensures ongoing data access for high-performance computing, big data analytics, and data transfer for large datasets. You can expect continuity, even in the event of an interruption in power due to an unexpected power loss, system crash, or just a normal system shutdown.

HPE pioneered the development of persistent memory, introducing the industry’s first complete DDR4 nonvolatile DIMM solution in late 2015. HPE is now partnering with Intel to introduce a new persistent memory solution in 2019. HPE DC Persistent Memory delivers a unique combination of affordability, large capacity, and non-volatility that helps businesses extract greater value from data-intensive applications such as in-memory analytics, databases, content delivery networks and high-performance computing. In addition, it delivers improved service scalability with higher virtual machine and container density.

When paired with Intel Xeon® Scalable processors, HPE DC Persistent Memory brings massive data sets closer to the CPU for faster time to insight. It also increases data center resiliency, taking database restart times from hours down to minutes or seconds. Finally, it allows access to use cases that were previously unavailable with classical storage. Data can now be stored locally and accessed remotely to provide fast, high-capacity, immediate, consistent in-memory databases.

Unlock new levels of productivity

HPE Persistent Memory will help you enhance your competitive edge, identify areas to cut costs, and uncover new ways to drive revenue. 

Learn more at: HPE aims superfast Memory-Driven Flash storage at real-time workloads

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Chris Cummings

Thanks for this information Adrian. Datera is your newest partner delivering Enterprise Software-Defined Storage software that turns HPE DL360s and DL380s into enterprise storage for tier 1 workloads. We too are believers in storage class memory from Intel -- 3DXpoint technology, so much so that we worked with Intel to run testing on HPE servers loaded up with Optane. HPE - Intel - Datera at <200 microseconds That's enterprise class performance, courtesy of the collaboration.


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