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It’s all about the software?!? Or is it all about the hardware?!?

JillSweeney ‎07-16-2014 03:37 PM - edited ‎09-30-2015 07:05 AM

I just finished reading the thought-provoking piece in Tech Crunch titled “Hardware is the new software”. The answer is yes, and no.


cogs.jpgYes, hardware is very important… and HP does know hardware. After all we introduced the world’s #1 server portfolio, HP ProLiant. But hardware is changing; it’s not your behemoth from years gone by – in fact quite the opposite.


From the first ProSignia to the industry-leading ProLiant… innovations continue to change the face of computing. Here are a couple of recent HP innovations that are disrupting the industry:

Take HP Moonshot. The HP Moonshot System is like nothing else that exists today. It’s a huge leap forward in infrastructure design addressing the speed, scale, and specialization needed for a "New Style of IT—boasting a significantly smaller footprint than traditional servers all while delivering breakthrough efficiency and scale with a unique federated environment, and processor-neutral architecture. Traditional servers rely on dedicated components, including management, networking, storage, power cords and cooling fans in a single enclosure. In contrast, the HP Moonshot System shares these enclosure components. The HP Moonshot 1500 Chassis has a maximum capacity of 1800 servers per 47U rack with quad server cartridges—providing greater compute power in a smaller footprint, while significantly driving down complexity, energy use and costs.

Another breakthrough–the HP Apollo Family delivers breakthroughs in rack-scale performance, power and cooling in less space to find answers faster, in a more sustainable way than ever before.

  • The air-cooled HP Apollo 6000 System optimizes rack-scale performance for your budget and makes HPC capabilities accessible to a wide range of enterprise customers.
  • The HP Apollo 8000 System is a supercomputer that combines high levels of processing power with a groundbreaking water-cooling design for ultra-low energy usage and recycling.

But it’s not just about hardware


Moonshot and Apollo are just two very recent innovations. But gasp – IT’S NOT ABOUT THE HARDWARE. It’s really about workloads and here’s why.


HP is creating best-of-breed computing, so that IT can scale in a simple, agile, and efficient way. No other vendor can deliver this kind of compute backbone — the kind that is needed in the next year, in the next decade and beyond. What we’re doing is looking at the server industry, the “compute” industry in a completely unique way with an optimized solution for every workload imaginable. We deliver compute benefits for customers of all sizes from the smallest deployment in SMB all the way up to scale-up mission-critical enterprises and all the way to massive scale-out in which one application runs across 100,000 nodes.


That’s our mission! HP understands the complexity, and as a result of this understanding we have a common, modular, architecture that helps us deliver on that promise of meeting the needs of every IT workload. HP has innovated across the continuum of workloads across different applications, segments and industries.

  • For core business applications HP offers built-in intelligence in a wide range of rack and tower servers that dominate mainstream computing today. This is the heart of our lineup, and we tune it for efficiency, value and ROI.
  • For big data, high performance computing, and scalability,we lead the industry with density-optimized servers and new designs to take internet scalability even further. This includes the ProLiant x86-based SL servers for massive scale in minimum footprint as well as Project Moonshot with its dramatic reduction in space and energy usage.
  • For high availability / mission-critical applications, we offer scale-up x86 servers for the most demanding Linux and Windows environments. In this area, we also continue to extend our x86 computing leadership in established mission critical with projects such as Project Odyssey, Project Kraken with SAP, and NonStop on x86.
  • For virtualized and cloud workloads,we have the world’s #1 blades platform, HP BladeSystem, now offered with the breakthrough HP OneView management environment.

HP has the experience and position to deliver on this vision. HP offers a wide portfolio of solutions to address a range of unique workload requirements. As a result, customers benefit from “the right compute, for the right workload, at the right economics, every time.” And if your vendor is exiting the market, we invite you find out more about HP here and find out why transitioning to HP is a smart choice.


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on ‎07-16-2014 08:57 PM

Great overview of Apollo and Moonshot ... would love to hear about software defined data center too

on ‎07-17-2014 01:33 PM

Great post! This highlights HP's vision to provide a blueprint for innovative supercomputing.

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