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July TOP500 Supercomputer list shows that HP continues to lead in the HPC market


The latest TOP500 list confirms that HP is still the leader in the delivery of the world’s largest Supercomputers.  With 36% of the list, HP is well ahead of the next competitor when counting total systems.  Where HP has always been behind is at the top end of the list and this is definitely changing.


The new HP Apollo 8000 systems are starting to appear as excellent solutions for organizations looking to deploy petascale compute clusters.  The Apollo 8000 delivers an excellent level of density, performance, and low energy usage allowing it to be the perfect choice for the largest deployments. 


Prometheus Apollo.pngIn fact, the recent HP Apollo 8000 deployment Prometheus, a 1.7 petaFLOPS supercomputer at the Academic Computer Centre CYFRONET AGH in Krakow, Poland landed in the top 10% of the TOP500 list.  Prometheus consists of more than 1,700 servers connected by super-fast Mellanox InfiniBand network switches.  The highly energy-efficient warm water cooled system has more than 41 thousand cores of Intel latest-generation processors and 216 TB of RAM all delivered in a covered are of 13 Square Meters.  All at a Power Usage Effectiveness (the PUE factor) that will match the systems in the largest data centers in the world.


And this is only the beginning.  You can be sure that other petascale deployments with the HP Apollo 8000 are in the works.  Add the new HP Apollo 2000, a maximum performance, and maximum density offering for entry level HPC customers; and the HP Apollo 6000, a highly flexible and scalable option for Enterprise HPC; and you can see why HP is an excellent choice across the entire HPC market.


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