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Keeping it cool with HP Apollo


Guest blog from David A. Moore, of the HP Cool Team


I read the headlines about HP Apollo and NREL winning the R&D100 Award with great pride. Innovation is alive at HP, and I am grateful for the chance to be part of it.


Meet the Cool Team: Here at HP, I organize a group of HP cooling experts known as the HP Cool Team. Our Affinity Group brings together hundreds of thermal technologists from all parts of HP, and at all levels of expertise. We meet frequently to learn, teach, and share best practices. Sometimes we are able to contribute directly to product development. The Apollo 8000 liquid cooling design was one such opportunity.


At the beginning of the Apollo 8000 development, the core engineering team quickly realized that an unusually broad skill set would be required to design a successful water cooling solution. The HP Cool Team provided easy access to specialists and skillsets in disparate organizations throughout the company. These grass roots connections allowed the Apollo design team to quickly enlist the help they needed.


  • HP Labs provided experts in Pin Fin Design, CDU Control Systems, and real time chemistry
  • Global Labs Services delivered scanning electron microscope and X-ray analysis of materials
  • Technology Services’ Critical Facilities Services provided engineers for CDU design, data center cooling infrastructure, collaborative TCO modeling, and CDO MTBF Analysis
  • Enterprise Group Supply Chain Reliability supplied engineers to assemble the initial proof-of-concept prototype, work on Dry Disconnect design/prototype/characterization, Flow bench-testing, reliability testing, interface material identification, corrosion testing, fitting development, tubing selection, and robotic testing
  • Printer Design Lab and Workstation Materials Analysis each sent talent to focus on coolant chemistry, corrosion and materials, and
  • HP Puerto Rico provided a team to work on detailed collaborative CFD modelling.

HP Cool Team talk with Meg Whitman.jpg

This team of experts across the company supported the HP Apollo product design team from concept development all the way to the completed system. This elite group continues to support the product. It is safe to say that the Apollo 8000 would not have been possible without the Cool Team’s help.


It is always fantastic to see HP innovation honored with awards. It is even more rewarding to be part of the innovation at HP!


Congratulations to everyone involved with Apollo!


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