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Launching a new product brings some of the same joys as having a baby


Guest blog by Terry Myers, HP Apollo Marketing


There is nothing quite like the feeling of being a new parent.  The hopes and dreams you have for their success and happiness.  The outright uncertainty of what is to come.  Some people never have this experience, others do it at least once, and many become parents a few times.  


Well here at HP we have done it thousands of times.  No, not kids, launching new products.  And yes, launching a new product has many of the same joys as having a new child.   We plan, we project, we re-plan, and then finally we make it happen.  An all the time we want our “baby” to succeed.


Last year at Discover you saw the birth of the Apollo 6000 and Apollo 8000, both focused on delivering the best value for our customers seeking solutions for High Performance Computing (HPC) and Supercomputing.  And what a launch it was, with rockets, astronaut and smoke. This year we are arriving with new additions to the family; products and solutions for Enterprise HPC and Big Data, all optimized for density, power utilization, and performance as you would expect from members of the Apollo Family.


Introducing the new Apollo 4200 and Apollo 4530 platforms.

HP Apollo 4200 Gen9 Server – The enterprise bridge to Big Data solutions

The HP Apollo 4200 Gen9 Server is an entirely new density-optimized server storage solution designed for traditional enterprise and SME rack-server data centers.  This versatile 2U Big Data server integrates seamlessly into traditional data centers with the same rack dimensions, cabling, and serviceability as well as the same administration procedures and tools.  All of this makes it the ideal bridge system for implementing purpose-built Big Data server infrastructure today, with the capability to scale in affordable increments as you grow. Read data sheet to learn more. 


HP Apollo 4530 System—purpose-built for Hadoop analytics and object storage

The HP Apollo 4530 System is ideal for a wide variety of Big Data analytics workloads based on parallel Hadoop-based data mining, as well as solutions from HP and the HP HyperScale Data Eco-System partners including Hortonworks, Cloudera, and HP Autonomy and HP Vertica, and for big data analytics solutions using distributions of NoSQL databases. It provides the performance and storage density that enable you to develop a 360 degree view of customers to improve marketing cost-effectiveness, boost online sales, and enhance customer retention and satisfaction. Read data sheet to learn more.


Here’s an overview of all of the members of the HP Apollo family.

  • HP Apollo 2000 System is the enterprise bridge to scale-out architecture, designed as a dense multi-server platform that packs a lot of performance and workload capability into a small amount of datacenter space delivering twice the density of traditional 1U servers at a comparable price, and providing the efficiencies of a shared infrastructure.
  • HP Apollo 4000 Systems Family are purpose-built Big Data servers, designed from the ground up to address the challenges customers face when collecting and analyzing the growing amounts of big data that can give them valuable business insight and make them more successful and competitive. The 3 new purpose-built HP Apollo 4000 Systems focus on the requirements of Object Storage, Hadoop and big data analytics solution technologies to deal with the volume, the variety, and the performance these applications need so customers can optimize for each solution.
  • HP Apollo 6000 Systems deliver rack-scale solutions with better density, performance, power efficiency, and cost of ownership. To address the growing demand for high-performance computing (HPC), and the relentless pursuit of efficiency, HP has taken the lead on a new approach: thinking beyond just the server and designing a rack-level solution that gives you the right compute at the right economics so you can get the most out of your infrastructure—and your budget.
  • HP Apollo 8000 Systems are Supercomputers that can deliver increased performance, density, efficiency, and sustainability though innovative design, liquid cooling, and a shared infrastructure that allows extremely dense configurations delivering hundreds of teraflops of compute power in a very compact space.

Please visit us at HP Discover to learn more about how the Apollo portfolio can help you solve the most challenging HPC, Big Data and Supercomputing challenges.

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Donna is responsible for identifying training and certification market opportunities and developing strategies, positioning and content for HPE Storage and Networking portfolios. Donna joins the HPE Global Partner Enablement Certification and Learning team from the HPE Enterprise Group Content Marketing and Strategy team where she spearheaded development of customer-facing content at the business and thought leadership level, and as social media strategist for HPE Servers.