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Looking for the optimal combination of breakthrough efficiency, performance and reliability?


Guest blog written by Vineeth Ram, VP Product Marketing, HP Servers 


In today’s hyper-connected world the explosion of workloads—mobility , social media, security, cloud, multimedia as well as the Internet of Things (IoT) greatly impact the way we approach and get business done. An overwhelming and ever increasing volume of information means that businesses must adapt and scale up to address the needs driven by business applications geared to enhance performance and drive better business decisions.  Business transaction processing and complex data analytics are the core of an organization’s ability to drive profitability, increase agility, and reduce risks.  Delivering significant business value in the confines of today’s IT world requires an infrastructure that can effectively meet the demands of these large-scale and complex database workloads with scale-up platforms. While the more traditional platforms deliver the right combination of performance and reliability, they often come with a significantly higher cost of ownership, lower efficiencies and, more complexity due to their unique, proprietary nature.


The latest x86 architecture based systems now promise substantially increased performance at compelling efficiency levels with industry standard technologies. However, their reliability still remains to be proven and their performance needs to be validated.   In the best of all worlds these platform must be capable of the optimal combination of breakthrough performance, high efficiency and extreme reliability.  Unfortunately many businesses are not yet fully prepared to meet these compute infrastructure needs in an optimal manner. 


Need for Performance

  • 84% of IT administrators’ state there is an urgency to meet end users' demands for faster response time when querying data warehouses or data marts.[i]
  • 77% of IT administrators experience unplanned downtime due to performance issues.[ii]
  • More than 70% of the digital universe is generated by individuals. But enterprises have responsibility for 80% of it.[iii]
  • 77% of IT administrators describe their end users’ interest or demand for access to real-time (defined for purposes of this survey as “up to the moment.”) data to accelerate and improve decision-making to be important.[iv]

Need for Efficiency

  • Currently, 72% of IT budget is typically spent on day-to-day IT management operations, according to Forrester’s “2013 US IT Spending Benchmarks: The Summary Data”[v]   



Unleash the power of your business data with HP Scale-up x86 solutions

In this evolving global market, only the fastest and most efficient stand a chance of surviving. HP can help enterprises deliver more transactions in less time at lower cost while leveraging big data analytics to ignite the power of the datacenter turning hindsight into foresight to outperform your competitors.     


Very shortly, HP will expand its industry leading x86 scale-up server portfolio to help customers’ process data and achieve real-time insight about their business while delivering record breaking performance and scalability with a highly efficient platform.  We will leverage our proven leadership and expertise in traditional mission critical computing to bring substantial value to mission critical x86 platforms for business processing and decision support workloads that significantly exceed industry standards and alternative offerings.


While business processing and decision support workloads make up approx. 40% of the total workload market opportunity, they are the most ‘mission critical’ and represent approximately 60% of all workloads run in servers with 4 or more sockets, based on IDC’s Server Workload Analysis and Forecast Study published in August 2013.  These workloads have unique infrastructure requirements and require the ‘right’ compute infrastructure to optimally address their needs.  Business processing typically involves real-time data, simple queries and very large number of users with demanding requirements on latency, utilization and uptime.  Decision support workloads, on the other hand, deal with historical data, complex queries and small number of users where I/O performance, security and consolidation are critical.


Delivering the right compute infrastructure to support these workloads requires incorporating fault isolation capabilities and ‘intelligent’ server technologies to ensure high availability and reliability.  Built in ‘innovative intelligence and automation’ drives greater administrator productivity increasing efficiency.  New technology advances with in-memory technology and flash storage have enabled high speed transaction processing for database workloads that can dramatically improve application and business performance.  Comprehensive system management software capabilities help to dramatically simplify the deployment and life cycle management of these servers and make them more efficient.


Stay tuned for more information on how you can address your growing needs to process information faster and deliver insights more rapidly and efficiently to enable improved business performance rapidly.


Let us help get you started on the road leading to increased services, revenues, and profits.


For more information check out HP’s Scale-up portfolio here.


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[v] Year-End 2013 IT Budget Benchmarks: How Forrester's Forrsights Data Can Help CIOs Prepare For 2014 Figure 1: “2013 US IT Spending Benchmarks: The Summary Data.” Forrester Research, Inc., December 16, 2013


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