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Managing your Hyperscale cluster with HP Insight CMU [Webinar]


Are you spending too much time deploying a cluster environment, managing system health or performing maintenance updates?

HP Insight CMU is designed for rapid provisioning (over 1,000 nodes in less than 30 minutes), with tools to quickly show you – and take actions on -- system health and BIOS versions.


Would it make your job easier if you could identify performance bottlenecks and understand workload impact on your cluster?

Global View pulls individual node data into a cohesive cluster display, for multiple metrics. Time View displays metrics over time.


Do you find it difficult to quickly select or manage groups of nodes?

The drop-down menu supports remote management of individual nodes, as well as group commands for multiple nodes.


Does it take you too long to change your operating system and application environment on arbitrary large groups of nodes?

Customers can quickly clone images from HP Insight CMU image repository onto target nodes to change environment. HP Insight CMU is integrated with schedulers such as Moab and PBS Professional for automated workload-triggered image provisioning.



To explain more about HP Insight CMU, we will be having a webinar on December 11, 2013  at 10 am CT, where you will learn how to:

  • Clone your operating system to  hundreds of nodes in a matter of minutes
  • Discover, with two keystrokes, what versions of firmware are installed on your entire cluster
  • Visually detect performance bottlenecks in cluster applications such as MapReduce by examining the history in 3D – over the entire cluster – of metrics such as cpu load, memory i/o, and even GPU load.


During the event we will include a 30 minute demo of Insight CMU which will introduce you to its unique cluster frictionless interface and which will show you examples of all key features of this product.


Register now to the December 11, 10 am CT webinar titled “HP Insight Cluster Management Utility” at



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