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Mend the gap between the virtual & physical side of your vSphere environment Webinar


Effectively managing your entire virtualized infrastructure using vCenter Server requires a  visibility into both the virtual side as well as the physical side of your vSphere environment.


HP Insight Control for VMware vCenter Server fully integrates HP’s management ecosystem into VMware vCenter Server delivering powerful capabilities such as proactive monitoring, remote management and provisioning of HP servers, networking and storage. 


Learn more at the upcoming technical webinar about our latest release.  With it, we provide customers with the ability to leverage VMware’s new web client to conduct the same level of management as previously available in the classic application based client.  Furthermore, we’ve enhanced our capabilities around provisioning of servers and Virtual Connect networking giving even more control over the infrastructure to VMware admins.



Join us at 10:00 (US Central time) on September 25th. Register at


-Steeve Daigle

WW Product Manager for HP Insight Control for VMware vCenter Server

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