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Microsoft Windows Storage Spaces now supported by HP ProLiant Gen9 Servers


For customers looking for a cost-effective, highly available, scalable, and flexible storage solution with virtualization capabilities look no further because it just became a whole lot easier! Creating Microsoft Windows Storage Spaces using HP ProLiant Gen9 Servers enables a cost-effective, highly available, scalable, and flexible storage solution with virtualization capabilities.


Microsoft Storage Spaces is a software-defined storage (SDS) implementation included in Windows Server 2012 R2 which allows you to create a platform storage virtualization environment out of low-cost, direct attached storage using supported HP servers, controllers, and JBODs.


With Storage Spaces, you now have the capability to group drives together in a storage pool, allowing for the creation of virtual disks from free space in the pool. If you’re looking to grow and expand, Storage Spaces is a great option as they are easily scalable, resilient, and highly available.


HP ProLiant Gen9 servers, controllers, and JBODs are now qualified and certified solutions that allow customers to take advantage of various software defined storage solutions such as Microsoft Storage Spaces. The HP solution is designed to maximize performance, data availability, and storage capacity, while increasing storage efficiencies and simplifying management.


Storage Spaces Certified Hardware.png


Watch the following Coffee Coaching video on "How to Run MS Storage Spaces on HP ProLiant Gen9 Server" for a more detailed description.



For additional information on the solution, please visit this web page.


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It makes a difference knowing that Microsoft Storage Spaces is supported by HP ProLiant Gen9 Servers. This feature makes this new generation quite unique.

You can also find more information about this new generation in our website: