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Mobile Workspaces Support the "New Norm" of Productivity


Guest blog writtne by Bill Mannel, VP & GM – HPC, Big Data & IoT Solutions, HPE Servers

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Powerful mobile devices and pervasive connectivity have caused disruptive innovation in many areas of human endeavor, and the workplace is no exception. Advancing mobile technologies are rapidly changing what it means to be “at work”, and making it possible for employees to unshackle themselves from traditional office boundaries and be productive from anywhere.    

This is particularly true in the financial services industry, where mobility is taking hold on both a customer and business level. For example, today’s financial traders can essentially take the trading floor anywhere with them – to a client meeting, on a plane, or to any remote location – with technology providing the ability to execute transactions from anywhere in the world, miles away from the capital markets they are trading in.

Survival in trading has become dependent on the ability to operate more quickly and efficiently than the competition, and the escalating pace of trading dictates that firms deliver financial returns in less time than ever before. Mobile trader workspaces can offer access to the critical data and applications that traders need in real-time, resulting in faster, more informed decision-making and higher levels of productivity. While traders operate more effectively, financial organizations can also realize the benefits of increased customer satisfaction, operational efficiency, and business growth. 

Because of its proven benefits across the enterprise, supporting mobility has become a key strategic area for many businesses. Recent research has found that over 50% of IT leaders believe they can improve employee productivity via mobility, while a 2015 report from IDC found that financial institutions spend more than 25% of IT budgets on just three transformative technologies (mobility, cloud, and Big Data analytics). The IDC report went on to state that in financial services, mobility is seen as an enabler to increasing sales, streamlining operations, and delivering customer and employee satisfaction.

However, this new mobile world is placing immense pressure on IT departments as they react to demands for tools that allow traders to execute work on-the-go. Increased user demand for mobile technologies requires that standards and policies are put in place to set rules for device usage and data security. Overall, the challenge is to find ways to support and increase enterprise mobility while ensuring those tools are also reliable, cost-effective, and secure.  

Security is by far the greatest concern when it comes to implementing mobile technologies. Financial services organizations must be able to quickly and securely provide traders access to critical files and information, while also protecting themselves from security breaches, and the resulting consequences of regulatory penalties, fines, and damaged credibility.

Additionally, financial trader workstations rely heavily on system stability and performance; there are few other industries where success is so dependent on the speed and reliability of computing systems. By centralizing data and programs in the data center, firms can deliver mobile trader workspaces that are secure, cost-effective, and simple to manage. Financial organizations can now leverage a single technology to provide seamless access to data, boost trading efficiencies, and reduce IT complexity.

There’s no denying that the proliferation of mobile devices has caused a paradigm shift in financial trading environments, and a new style of IT is required to keep pace with this “new norm” of worker productivity. Add trends like the decreasing cost of technology and the Millennial generation firmly establishing themselves in the workforce, and it’s a guarantee that enterprise mobility will continue to increase.  

The only question is: Is your company ready?

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