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Modernizing Healthcare SMBs with Hybrid IT



SMBs are investing in a powerful new form of IT to enhance operational efficiencies, promote innovation, and improve patient care. Hybrid IT is key to improving decision quality for more accurate treatment protocols.

shutterstock_331912562 (2).jpgIn the digital age of healthcare, organizations are striving to keep pace with evolving market trends and technological advancements. The proliferation of cutting-edge solutions is challenging IT departments across all industries to rethink their IT management and deployment strategies in order to maintain a fast and competitive business and satisfy increasing customer demands.

The healthcare sector is undergoing a major paradigm shift as rising data volumes, increased mobility, and expanding digital health services require businesses to grow their IT capabilities. Regulatory compliance is becoming increasingly important as the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) drive health organizations to deliver patient-centric services like never before. Under the CMS, the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA), and the International Classification of Disease (ICD) 10th Edition are revolutionizing healthcare costs and delivery, guaranteeing patients the right to quality medical care regardless of their financial limitations. As a result, CIOs are seeking new and better ways to ensure real-time access to information, protect sensitive patient data while conforming to HIPAA regulations, and meet patient satisfaction standards for higher value at lower costs.

  • Escalating patient expectations for fast, effective, and affordable care
  • Compounding data demands and security regulations
  • Advanced interoperability and data access
  • Widespread use of remote technologies (such as online patient services and mobile apps)
  • Increasingly sophisticated clinical technologies (such as webinars, digital therapies, and remote pharmacies)
  • Shift in payment methods to drive outcome economy
  • Transition from population health to personalized healthcare

I recently had the need to visit a local healthcare clinic to deal with a stubborn cold. The clinic operates efficiently and is focused on the business at hand: patient engagement and quality care. They don’t show their value by having IT skills, but by making my life better. Hospitals and clinics need simplified IT that is easily managed and enables effective patient care vs. complicated, hard-to-manage IT that gets in the way of doing what they do best—in my case, getting rid of my cold.

For today’s healthcare organizations, right-sized IT solutions are key to harnessing the flexibility and agility required to promote a successful business. Many SMBs lack the compute resources necessary to capture and analyze vast quantities of data, effectively monitor patients’ health, and streamline internal and external collaboration.

In short, IT modernization and automation are vital to success. Businesses are looking to a powerful new form of IT to enhance operational efficiencies, promote innovation, and drive growth. Hybrid IT solutions enable IT departments to improve levels of collaboration and fast, secure access to patient information, leveraging the right mix of platforms for applications and data across traditional IT, private, and public cloud. For CIOs, the goal of Hybrid IT adoption is optimizing business operations end to end to dramatically improve patient care. According to a recent healthcare IT survey, 51% of businesses are striving to accelerate analytics, 44% are looking to improve patient engagement, and 24% are investing in remote patient monitoring. 

Source Heathcare IT News, 2017.png

Source: Healthcare IT News, 2017

Hybrid IT helps businesses streamline operations both on-premises and in the cloud, enabling flexible deployment options and simplified IT management. Utilizing both on- and off-premises IT distributes compute resources to support compute- and bandwidth-hungry applications. As a result, businesses can accelerate application workloads and scale to accommodate future IT requirements, despite budgetary and technological limitations.

SMBs are transitioning to virtualized hybrid solutions with the help of a comprehensive new business model. Articulating business goals is a crucial first step of an IT strategy. CIOs are thoroughly assessing their on-premises IT capability to create a hybrid IT deployment plan. Based on their specific needs, simplified IT solutions are deployed that work to integrate on-premises and cloud services, optimize network performance, and effectively utilize in-house IT and cloud services.

Healthcare professionals are making massive strides to deliver personalized, patient-centric care. Adoption of Hybrid IT is enabling better outcomes and enhanced patient services, while modernizing and virtualizing legacy on-premises IT. Organizations who invest in these revolutionary solutions will have the ability to easily manage their IT environments and prepare their businesses for future growth.

To learn more about how patients and SMB health professionals can benefit from Hybrid IT solutions, I invite you to follow us on Twitter at @HPE_SMB.

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