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Move One Step Closer to a Real-Time Enterprise with HPE



Learn how HPE next-generation architecture will help you accelerate analytics and harness the value of data in real time, as you become a real-time enterprise.

Real-time enterprise_HPE_blog.jpgAs your enterprise continues to face the challenge of dealing with increasing amounts of data, technology evolves to help you tackle this task.

“Time is money” is an old adage that still holds true, but with the increasing importance of data in today´s economy, a more current way to say this is: “Time and data are money.”

If we believe this to be true, then we can argue that companies able to harness the value of data in real-time will rise to the top, while the others will be left behind. 

What does it mean to be a real-time enterprise? And more importantly, how can you get there? 

“Running live” means making real-time decisions based on real-time insights using all the available data—and then taking action in real time in your business transaction streams. In technology terms, you run transactional and analytics workloads using the same live data set, and make decisions based on that real-time data.

To get there, you need to take a look at your Digital Core: your own landscape of critical applications, data and processes. If that environment is still running on older infrastructure with traditional databases, then modernizing it is the first step in the real-time enterprise journey.

Traditional databases were not designed for the speed needed today. Enter the in-memory database, a faster way to process more data, one that allows transactions and analytics to run concurrently—a technology that will take you further in your journey towards the real-time enterprise.

In order to truly get the benefits of in-memory technology, the underlying infrastructure must meet four key requirements.

  1. If you’re still locked in older, proprietary environments that are costly and inflexible, you won’t be able to reap the benefits of in-memory compute. You need modern, standard infrastructure.
  2. As data continues to soar, memory capacity becomes paramount, so you can address large and growing data sets.
  3. To support growth, the ability to scale environments seamlessly is key. Many applications today have unpredictable growth requirements, and an ideal environment is one where you can start small, and grow as needed, seamlessly and cost-efficiently.
  4. When running transactional workloads, the reliability of the underlying platforms is vital, as you can’t risk continuity in business operations.

HPE and SAP: Advancing real-time analytics

It is no secret that HPE has partnered very closely with SAP for decades. Supporting SAP’s vision of helping customers “run simple” using SAP HANA as the great simplifier, HPE has been in the HANA journey since the very beginning. Deep co-innovation projects and the expertise acquired after thousands of successful HANA deployments make HPE the #1 partner of choice for SAP HANA customers.

This week, we're at SAPPHIRE NOW, SAP's largest customer gathering, sharing a number of innovation projects focused on helping you simplify and advance your journey to HANA—from the Digital Core to the Intelligent Edge.

HPE’s innovation at the Digital Core is focused on addressing the infrastructure requirements to make HANA run faster, simpler and better, empowering real-time analytics to advance the journey to the real-time enterprise. At SAPPHIRE we’re previewing next-generation HPE architecture for SAP HANA to accelerate real-time analytics at the Digital Core.

Our next-generation architecture for SAP HANA is designed with memory-driven computing principles to uniquely handle the scale, performance and reliability demands of S/4HANA. It will enable enterprises of any size to analyze and process massive amounts of data at the Digital Core in real time.

This architecture combines the market-leading mission-critical reliability of HPE Integrity Superdome X with the world-class scalable technology recently acquired from SGI to empower real-time analytics and accelerate business outcomes. It will deliver:

  • Unparalleled scale for in-memory computing—Enabling organizations of any size to start small and grow seamlessly to address the largest-scale data demands of SAP HANA.
  • Unprecedented modularity—With common building block design providing exceptional flexibility for you to scale up or out with optimum ROI as you keep pace with business demands.
  • Unmatched reliability—Building upon the end-to end mission-critical design of Superdome X to meet the demanding SLAs of SAP workloads and protect high-value applications and data

Customers share their HPE and SAP HANA stories

Our next-generation architecture is designed to extend the value of our current solutions portfolio. Today, these two customers are already realizing this value:

Multipharma, an Egyptian pharmaceutical distributor, can address the demands created by significant business growth with its new HPE and SAP HANA solution. With this solution, Multipharma can deliver consistent high quality customer service, even as data volumes soar—with enough capacity for five years.   

 Houston-based CenterPoint Energy needed an efficient way to analyze the data collected by its 2.3 million smart meters. The answer was to implement a SAP HANA data warehouse on the performance-optimized HPE ConvergedSystem 900 for SAP HANA.

Helping you become a real-time business

Just as Multipharma and CenterPoint Energy are doing, thousands of other customers are leveraging HPE and SAP solutions to become data-driven, real-time enterprises. Our next-generation architecture will help you move one step closer to that vision. Stay tuned for future posts with more details on our next-gen solutions.

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