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Movie-making with HPE Persistent Memory—the future is here now!



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Guest blog written by Kim Minter, Product Marketing Manager-Persistent Memory, HPE Server Options

Animated movie-making has made great strides over the last 20 years.  The first feature-length computer animated film, Toy Story, released November 22, 1995, was the beginning of very different style of movie-making and storytelling.  Artists were able to breathe life into the drawings and bring the characters to life—letting them better communicate and show human emotions.  Since then, we have been exposed to a host of animated films our families have grown to love like Shrek, Madagascar and Kung Fu Panda. While not wanting to date myself, I must confess if the Roadrunner had done something beyond making the classic “beep-beep” sound, I may have watched a lot more television as a kid. 

The advent of computer animated films has taken movie making to fascinating new levels. What’s even more mesmerizing as I watched Frozen with my 4 year old for about the thirty-fifth time, is the incredible amount of time and technology that went into producing this digitally animated film.  At HPE Discover Las Vegas, we were able to hear one of HPE’s customers articulate just how much time and technology is required to produce the wonderful films our children enjoy today.  Kate Swanborg, Head of Technology, Communications & Alliances at DreamWorks Animation, discussed the positive impact Persistent Memory-enabled HPE ProLiant servers has on her business. HPE Persistent Memory allows DreamWorks’ digital artists to realize their ideas faster by removing latency and to seamlessly work with complex applications.  

DreamWorks Senior Technologist, Scott Miller said, “At DreamWorks Animation, we need the best tools and technology to make something as complex as one of our films. We have to focus on being just as innovative in our data center as we are on the big screen. With HPE Persistent Memory on HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen9 servers, we will be able to dramatically improve latency and throughput for metadata-heavy artist workflows and analytics, reducing iteration time for our most complex shots. This combination of compute is the type of innovation that pushes the bar not only in our data center, but in theaters and for our business.”

Check out Kate Swanborg with Tim Peters on theCUBE at Discover Las Vegas.

Check out Kate Swanborg with Susan Blocher on stage at Discover Las Vegas. 

To learn more about HPE Persistent Memory visit:

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