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NREL and HP Apollo featured in Popular Mechanics


Want to avoid blackouts and explosions? The HP Apollo Peregrine Supercomputer at NREL is helping to integrate solar power into older systems; all without blowing anything up.


The HP Apollo supercomputing platform and the National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL) approach HPC from an entirely new perspective and others are noticing the advantages. NREL has gained significantly greater performance density, decreased energy consumption in half and is even able to reuse the water to heat their building in the winter with the warm water-cooled HP Apollo 8000 System. In fact, this revolutionary technology was recognized by R&D magazine as one of the 100 best IT innovation award recipients in 2014.


Now NREL and the HP Apollo have caught the attention of Popular Mechanics magazine in their July/August 2015 Issue. The l82,5OO-square-foot Energy Systems Integration Facility, on the National Renewable Energy Laboratory campus in Golden, Colorado, is the only place in the country that can perform the megawatt-scale simulations utility companies require if they are to be prepared for the future.


Renewable energy is a critical piece of the research into sustainable energy. NREL scientists are using their Peregrine Supercomputer to model complete simulations of electrical power grids. With the ability to simulate a 10,000 home community with all the associated complexity, the team is able to determine how many solar inverters are required to allow the introduction of solar energy into the grid without risking system outages on their production grids.   They can change multiple parameters like how many water heaters do you have, or what happens if everybody turns on their television at the same time; all without risking an explosion. Good news for everybody.


Read the full July/August 2015 Article: The Virtual Grid, How It Works Issue here.

For more information on NREL read the case study and watch the video interview.

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