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Network Management for Small Businesses That’s Simple and Secure


I welcome Michael Proper, ClearCenter CEO, to our blogging community and am excited to have him tell the HPE and ClearOS IT management and network story.

Blog_ClearOS_2_6_13.jpgLet’s be honest. Managing a network today for a small business can be a mess. You may splurge on a decent firewall appliance but then you’re forced by budget restraints into hastily throwing together a few different hardware and software products just to try and keep control over everything else. All too often in these scenarios overall security gets sacrificed along the way.

Tackling your network challenges

A new Hewlett Packard Enterprise and ClearOS partnership gives you a simple, secure and centralized way to properly take on any networking challenge. An HPE ProLiant server running ClearOS and a few apps from the ClearOS Marketplace can replace everything you’re using today to manage your network.

The ClearOS Network Layer includes multiple firewall choices, DMZ, DNS, NAT, DHCP, bandwidth control, QoS, dynamic VPN, network visualizers, reporting tools and everything else you need to securely deploy and manage your LAN. You’ll even have access to advanced features through apps like Multi-WAN, an aggregation app that easily connects your LAN to multiple Internet connections for redundancy and better performance. ClearOS also seamlessly integrates with many hybrid cloud products including Netify, which gives you ultimate insight into LAN and WAN traffic.

ClearOS is the only IT management platform that is simultaneously simple, affordable, and secure. Try ClearOS now on HPE ProLiant servers.


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 Blog by Michael Proper, ClearCenter CEO

Over the past 20 years, Michael has helped start and grow numerous companies in the IT industry and helped to create what is now known as the Managed Service Provider (MSP) sector.


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VP/GM for HPE ProLiant Rack and Tower Servers and SMB Solutions. Previously VP/GM for HPE Server Software and Enterprise Solutions. Prior to HPE, Tim founded and partnered in technology management to provide strategic and operational expertise to both established and emerging companies. Seventeen years at Dell with scope of responsibility broad and inclusive for managing the company’s single largest P/L of the core product portfolio. Established successful start-up businesses in new product segments. Worked in Asia to consolidate and scale global development and operations while engaging new business partners to create a forward-thinking organization responsible for the long-term horizon in business investments, technology planning and solution development.