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New open source software to help you thrive in today’s Idea Economy


Guest blog by Susan Blocher, VP Global Marketing, HPE Servers

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At Hewlett Packard Enterprise when we see innovation that will help our customers create business value faster – we get excited and we act.

Picture an open source data center operating system that pools all of your compute resources into what looks like one large computer across which you can run distributed applications with ease. You can have it all - private cloud, hybrid IT, big data and container operations on a single, simple platform running on bare metal with no need for virtualization

The innovation is Mesosphere’s DC/OS, an open-source software project that creates an operating system that spans all of the servers in your datacenter or cloud and provides a powerful abstraction layer for your computing needs. DC/OS is powered by the Apache Mesos’ distributed systems kernel, which is a highly scalable, two-level scheduler that pools your infrastructure, automatically allocates resources, and schedules tasks based on demands and policy.

Mesosphere has a set of technologies that address head-on the issue our customers are struggling with today - the business need to be more idea/digitally driven and focused. That is what got us excited and led to Hewlett Packard Enterprise along with Microsoft recently investing in Mesosphere.

We know many of you will want to investigate DC/OS for yourselves with real world applications, so we gave our engineering team the challenge to provide solutions information to help you evaluate, test, and deploy the open-source DC/OS on HPE ProLiant and Cloudline servers. They created two distinct use cases to show how DC/OS may be implemented—a data analytics use case and a container orchestration use case.  Information you can use is delivered in a technical white paper that can be found here.

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