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NonStop Operations Management Bundle: A Bundle of Pure Joy…


One of the most rewarding experiences of my job as NonStop Manageability Architect is to listen to customers and advise them, specifically on how they can improve their operations environment and improve TCO. And it so happens that after listening to what they want to achieve, many times, I advise them to get the NonStop Operations Management Bundle. It is a bundle of 4 products that work together and provide the best-in-class operations management experience.


The four products that constitute the NonStop Operations Management Bundle are:

Of course, you can use Web ViewPoint, Pocket ViewPoint or ASAP by themselves too, and each product is great by itself, but the combination of them plus ASAP plug-in to Web ViewPoint provides a true deadly combination. Did you realize that you can order them all together in the NonStop Operations Management Bundle at a lower license price than the total license prices of individual products?


Web ViewPoint

Web ViewPoint is an integrated product for event management and performance monitoring. It is completely browser-based, which means that there is absolutely no client application to install. To be able to make the management of more than one system easier, it provides the support of multiple neighborhoods (which is a collection of systems to be managed as a single group), with each neighborhood containing multiple residents (i.e., individual systems).


When it comes to event management, Web ViewPoint has no comparison. It provides all aspects of EMS event management, including monitoring, display, analysis and filtering. You can monitor real-time EMS events from one or more EMS collectors running on one or more NonStop systems and view all events in one window or multiple windows side by side. It can create alert notifications and user subscriptions. Any notification can be routed to enterprise management applications, such as HP Operations Manager. And yes, any notification can be sent via e-mail or text message. You can specify multiple filter files and/or selection criteria to view events. Any event can be acknowledged using a single mouse click. Many times, you need to look at the full token dump of an event for troubleshooting purposes. Web ViewPoint is your friend and provides token dumps for any event. And there is no longer a need to ever look at the NonStop Operator Messages Manual because Web ViewPoint shows you cause, effect and recovery for any event right from Web ViewPoint interface. Events are displayed using system templates, but if you have your own custom templates, Web ViewPoint lets you view the events using those too.


For real-time performance monitoring, Web ViewPoint provides a sophisticated WebDash at-a-glance interface for first-level live performance monitoring of CPUs, processes, disks, files, TMF, and network activities. This interface lets you define monitoring intervals and customize display types so that you have a WebDash that is specific to your operations environment - showing the resources that are important to you.  Of course, you can select and monitor multiple attributes in the same graph, not only utilizing the real space efficiently but also seeing the correlations between them easily. And, if you want to see the trend of selected attributes, you can do that with any time interval that you define too.


Web ViewPoint Plug-ins

In addition to the ASAP plug-in to Web ViewPoint which I will discuss later, there are three other plug-ins to Web ViewPoint. Each of these plug-ins works seamlessly with Web ViewPoint to provide additional functionality:

  • Pathway plug-in to Web ViewPoint: This plug-in lets you manage your Pathway environment through Web ViewPoint. It provides easy-to-use interface with pull down menus, and syntax-free command and control.
  • Storage Analyzer plug-in to Web ViewPoint: This plug-in tracks, analyzes and manages disk and file storage resources and activity. It can monitor disk and file capacity and fragmentation, and corrupted or unused/old files. It also provides audit for file security, size and ownership. You can look at the trends and projection on disk and file metrics over time. It manages and monitors virtual to physical storage relationship. Using Web ViewPoint interface, you can create alert settings and notification via e-mail, text message or forwarding to enterprise management applications.
  • Event Analyzer plug-in to Web ViewPoint: This plug-in analyzes, displays and tracks historical EMS event activity . You can track total, critical and actionable events, and time taken to acknowledge or take actions. Event summaries are stored by hour, day and month and presented in a grid format, with drill down to event details. You can configure threshold values to trigger events for Web Viewpoint alert notification.

Pocket ViewPoint

Pocket ViewPoint is a “mini-Web ViewPoint” in your pocket - literally. It provides remote NonStop monitoring and control via your smartphone, and supports all smartphones, including iPhone, Android phone, Windows mobile phone, BlackBerry or Palm. You can monitor CPU busy and EMS events, and access TACL prompt directly from your smartphone to take remote actions.


Now, manage NonStop from a smartphone…That is cool!


ASAP (Availability, Statistics and Performance)

ASAP is “the” product for NonStop availability, statistics and performance monitoring. It provides the most in-depth monitoring of hundreds of objects in real-time. The monitored objects include system objects (such as, CPUs, memory, disks, files, and processes), subsystem objects (such as, TMF, RDF, tape, and spooler), network objects (such as, TCP/IP, subnets, routes, ports, communication lines, Expand lines, X.25, services, and terminals), and even applications (virtually any type of abstract application domain).

ASAP lets you define goals and actions to take when goals are not met (for example, repair or restarting system and application components).


When it comes to interfaces, ASAP has no comparison. It provides a huge variety of visual as well as programmatic interfaces. You can look at ASAP data via its Conversational Interface (CI) on your NonStop system, or via a fat sophisticated client on Windows workstation, or via a thin web-based interface, or in Web ViewPoint (using the ASAP plug-in to Web ViewPoint). You can also customize ASAP to create EMS events for any goal. There are programmatic provider/consumer APIs that can be used to fetch ASAP data programmatically and integrate with any other management application. You can setup e-mail and phone notifications with color-coded HTML reports. ASAP GUIs are completely customizable and you can define your own dashboards specific to your environment. You can mix different graph types and entities. You can also save many different dashboards and restore them as needed. For even more in-depth analysis of statistics, ASAP provides a Measure report window, which displays many pages of sorted and formatted Measure output.


ASAP keeps a very long term historical database with up to 10 years worth history on all your availability, statistics and performance data. This means that you can perform a whole lot of analysis for capacity planning and other purposes. And of course, ASAP can integrate with enterprise management applications, such as HP Operations Manager too.


ASAP Plug-ins

ASAP has two plug-ins to extend its functionality:

  • ASAP Extension (ASAPX):It is an API into the ASAP infrastructure to monitor the availability and performance of abstract application domains. It provides a massively-parallel shared-segment architecture, with an ultra-fast, non-blocking interface and efficient statistics collection, aggregation, and objective alerts. You can implement this API in your application to add application availability and performance monitoring into ASAP.
  • ASAP Hybrid Plug-in for Linux: This product integrates Linux application metrics into ASAP. If your application spans across NonStop and Linux systems, this product lets you view the performance and availability of the entire application.


ASAP plug-in to Web ViewPoint

ASAP plug-in to Web ViewPoint lets you access ASAP data and features through the Web ViewPoint interface. With a single click in Web ViewPoint, you can access ASAP features. This means that you can use Web ViewPoint as the main operations management interface while utilizing the in-depth goal and action capability of ASAP.


So, you see how these products can help your operations staff and make their jobs easier while reducing your TCO at t he same time. That’s what operations management products are supposed to do, and each and every product in the NonStop Operations Management Bundle was designed to do so. The combination of all of them is even better than the sum of each of them because of the way they seamlessly integrate with each other.

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About the Author


Vinay Gupta is an HP Distinguished Technologist and the NonStop Manageability Architect. He joined Tandem in 1994 after graduating from Indian Institute of Technology. He has worked on many NonStop manageability applications over time. He works across various groups within NonStop and HP to ensure consistency and interoperability in manageability interfaces and applications. He is also a member of DMTF workgroups.