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Oil States reduces power & cooling by 30% with HP Integrity server upgrade


Growth is a funny thing.  It’s certainly good for any business, however,  it comes with a whole set of challenges, especially when the growth results from mergers and acquisitions.  This typically leads to an infrastructure with many different and geographically dispersed systems.  Many of you deal with this kind of situation, and usually the solution lies in finding a way to consolidate these systems.  Did you ever think that the best way to reduce this complexity is to consolidate and perform a server upgrade?   Oil States International did.


Oil States is a leading manufacturer of capital equipment for deep-water production facilities and subsea pipelines, serving the oil and gas industry with locations around the world.  The company enjoyed extraordinary growth, both organically and through acquisitions, which resulted in a variety of system architectures, IT standards, and applications spread across ten datacenters.  Oil States knew that, before long, the infrastructure would simply be too complex and difficult to manage cost-effectively so they considered consolidation.


As a long-time HP customer, Oil States didn’t look far.  For years the company had been running its mission critical systems and Oracle database on an HP 9000 rp5430 Server with great success.  As a foundation for consolidation, Oil States chose a server upgrade to HP Integrity BL860c server blades running HP-UX.  The Integrity blades reside in HP BladeSystem c7000 Enclosures and operate side by side with HP ProLiant BL460c server blades and HP EVA 8100 Storage to provide a complete Mission-Critical Converged Infrastructure. With a solid, reliable, and scalable infrastructure like this Oil States was able to consolidate its ten datacenters down to just two, improving efficiency, reducing costs, and enhancing disaster recovery.


Take a look at these improvements resulting from the server upgrade:


  • Reduced power and cooling requirements by 30% by shrinking the server footprint from 250 to fewer than 100
  • Saved 26% in annual IT infrastructure costs by reducing headcount from 22 full-time equivalents (FTEs) to 9 FTEs
  • Improved disaster recovery from days to minutes
  • Came in 28% under budget, improving projected ROI
  • Gained greater scalability to support continued business growth


Are you enjoying business growth, but challenged to keep up with the management overhead of a sprawling infrastructure? A server upgrade to the latest HP Integrity servers may be the perfect solution. It certainly was for Oil States. Find out how you can benefit by learning more about the HP Mission-Critical Converged Infrastructure.




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