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Open19: Data Centers Made Easy



Learn how Open19 and its community of IT collaborators can transform your data center, making interoperability a reality—and how it’s going to change the way data centers do business.

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The other day, the phone rang, and I received a familiar request to walk down to the factory and inspect a rack of gear being integrated for a customer. I picked up my laptop and invited one of the senior engineers to make the trek to the factory with me.

As we arrived and were escorted over to the rack, I immediately saw the issue. The rack was crammed with 40 1U servers each and 10GbE ports plus a management port connected. The issue was the routing of the 120 Ethernet cables. The cabling looked like neat bundles of multi-colored spaghetti running up and down the rack, but the problem was in the corners. There were so many cables with such a tight bend radius that the cables were covering some of the hot-plug power supplies. I thought to myself, “What good are hot-plug power supplies if you can’t hot plug them?” I had to give the technician the unfortunate news that some of the cables needed to be redressed. This left me thinking, “There has got to be a better way to do this.”

The industry needs a flexible rack-level infrastructure that reduces complexity and decreases cost.

In a basic compute environment, most of the cabling involves networking and power. It would be great if the network and power were pieces that easily snapped on to the racks and the servers simply plugged in. In order to make these features pervasive and guarantee interoperability, the rack-level specs would need to be launched into a set of openly shared standards.

Open19 is here to make data center infrastructure simple, cost effective and easier to integrate.

Founded this week, Open19 is an extraordinary community of data center operators, integrators and vendors whose vision is to bring data centers into the future through the adoption of open source technology that is both interoperable and interchangeable. Built to standard 19-inch rack specifications, Open19 community members can “mix and match” components in the way that best meets their data center needs to increase operational efficiency and reduce cost.

As a founding board member of Open19, HPE is investing in data centers’ futures by offering innovative open products and technical expertise. We are proud to be involved in changing how data centers do business.

Tired of not being able to scale at the rate of demand and doing so cost effectively?  Let Open19 and its community of IT collaborators transform your data center.

I remember my grandmother used to say: “You can’t have your cake and eat it, too.” This of course means that you can’t have two mutually exclusive, desirable alternatives at the same time. 

Open19 offers a simple rack-level standard that promotes interoperability, flexibility and cost savings, but you can have it in a standard 19” rack. So as it turns out, when it comes to data centers, you can have your cake and eat it too!

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As the Senior Director of Hyperscale Engineering for the Service Provider business within HPE, Curt’s forward-looking vision is to provide customers with the right size compute to fit their business at the optimal price, performance, and power efficiency.


This is a very commendable initiative. simplicity, choice and scale are amazing. KUDOS HPE for amazing leadership.

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