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Optimized Storage Solutions for Secure Financial Data Management



Untitled design (5).jpgFinancial services institutions are focusing more on data than ever before. A 2015 EY survey found that 83% of financial services companies see data as their most strategic asset, and 84% believe data will be a source of competitive advantage. But companies today spend too much time, effort, and money wrangling data, which takes away from their ability to focus on daily operations and better serving customers. Small and midsize businesses (SMBs) especially do not have the time to spend configuring complex data storage, nor do they have the financial means to hire people specifically for data management. Traditional IT requires on-premises data storage. Public cloud alternatives hold the promise of greater scalability and agility, but going all-in on the cloud isn’t possible for organizations where performance, protection, privacy, and control are paramount. Financial SMBs need fast, easy, inexpensive, and secure solutions to their data management issues.  

One data management issue facing SMBs is deciding which system to choose. Many financial institution leaders want to focus on expanding their operations but have trouble justifying the immediate expense of configuring the right data storage and backup systems to accommodate future growth, particularly when there’s already a significant investment in the current infrastructure. Fortunately, there are storage options that can deliver the functionality and flexibility growing businesses need that can also easily integrate with existing on-site systems.  


Modular Smart Array (MSA) Storage from Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) offers several entry-level alternatives that are cost-effective and ideal for growing businesses. These systems integrate with today’s most widely used hypervisors to simplify storage challenges with fast, flexible, and efficient data storage solutions that can start small and scale without breaking the bank. These systems might be the best option for organizations looking to the future—they allow SMBs to buy what they need now and expand as the business grows. In addition to speed and flexibility, HPE MSA offers data security so business owners can feel safe. 


65% of IT professionals believe the lack of visibility and control compromises cloud security. For financial services, security is imperative, so the public cloud is not an option. To enhance protection and performance, organizations are seeking a new data infrastructure that integrates compute, data services, and networking in an effective and easy-to-use platform. The HPE Hyper Converged SimpliVity 380 combines all infrastructure and advanced data services for virtualized workloads, giving users the agility and economics of the cloud, with the control and governance of on-premises IT. HPE SimpliVity 380 has built-in, end-to-end data protection and automated disaster recovery, which reduces storage and bandwidth requirements. This results in more recovery points and enhanced virtual machine (VM) protection, making it a great option for financial institutions needing data security and backup solutions. Even with all these innovations, SimpliVity 380 is affordable and easy to implement.


Another problem with data storage for financial institutions is a performance gap between data and applications, or the “app-data gap.” Acquired by HPE, Nimble Storage offers predictive flash storage, a fast-growing market and increasingly important element of today's hybrid IT environments. This gives SMBs the ability to seamlessly move data and replicate across hybrid flash and all-flash storage to meet unpredictable IT demands. A key component of the Nimble Adaptive Flash platform, Nimble’s InfoSight Predictive Analytics automatically detects 90% of all issues within a customer's infrastructure, and resolves over 85% of them, dramatically reducing the amount of time and effort an IT team spends on support activities. Financial services especially will find this a useful tool in managing their data storage needs.

Financial service SMBs need data management solutions to enable growth, increase security, and bridge the “app-data gap.” By adopting the integrative and scalable HPE MSA, the cloud agility with enterprise-grade performance HPE SimpliVity 380, or new flash from Nimble Storage, businesses can mitigate and even eliminate their data management problems. 

To learn more about how HPE is solving storage problems faced by SMBs, follow us on Twitter at @HPE_SMB.  

About the Author


George Hope is Vice President, Worldwide Small and Medium Business. He brings to HPE over 20 years of technology experience, joining HPE as part of the SimpliVity acquisition, where he was VP, Global Channels. He was named one of the 50 most influential channel chiefs by CRN in 2015 and 2016. Prior to SimpliVity, George spent 17 years at EMC. He was Sr. Director of Global Channels for EMC’s Isilon Division, where he tripled the partner business in 3 years. George also led the US Field Channel team for all product lines from EMC, and has held other Sales, Sales Strategy and Channel Management positions. George holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.