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Powering the right datacenter decisions – that’s what HPE Power Advisor is all about.


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HPE Rack and Power Infrastructure is committed to being the foundation of the next generation data center. Providing innovative server management and power management solutions is our focus – but let’s rewind a step. Before worrying about effective power management, you’re probably concerned with finding a compute solution that fits your operating budget. As information technology evolves and system density increases, systems housed in a single rack can now consume the amount of power once required for several racks. Effective sizing of a compute infrastructure while managing IT costs involves estimates of current and future power and cooling requirements. Accurately estimating the power consumption of a server can define power distribution requirements at the rack level and can be the starting point for estimating the total power consumption and cooling needs for a data center.

This is one of many important factors when designing and expanding data centers or even planning rack deployments. HPE has created the HPE Power Advisor utility that provides meaningful estimates) of the power needs for HPE ProLiant, HyperScale, Synergy and Integrity servers. Our tool is used for estimating power use of the major components within a rack to determine power distribution, power redundancy, and battery backup requirements for computer facilities. Power Advisor allows you to configure each individual server or node. You can then duplicate the server configuration as often as necessary to populate an enclosure or rack, and then duplicate a rack. The outcome is that you can build a complete data center quickly.

Power Advisor empowers users to make the right decisions by providing information they need to in order to select the appropriate and compatible product(s) while simplifying the sales process. Power Advisor clarifies power efficiency and cost savings with HPE products. It has become the norm to run Power Advisor in midst of the decision making process. How can Power Advisor help you write the next chapter of your story? Check out a brief demo, or jump right in and get going on planning your data center’s future by visiting HPE Power Advisor. To learn more about the finding the right infrastructure for your data center, visit HPE Rack & Power.

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