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Remote management provides SWS Computersysteme AG with faster and better customer support


Guest Blog Post by MaryJane Vazquez, WW Product Marketing


German company, SWS Computersysteme AG (SWS), is an HP partner who strives to ensure that all of their customers receive the highest levels of service, each and every time, regardless of the time of day. SWS’s business is focused on providing IT systems and networks and its main client base is small and medium sized companies (SMBs). While their customers have different needs and requirements, they all require excellent support, and the reassurance that problems once identified are fixed quickly.


To provide a higher level of support, SWS began using remote monitoring and configuration management software (from HP) for over 20 customers and 360 devices.  To increase their level of customer service they implemented HP Insight Online, Insight Control and Insight Remote Support as a means of providing enhanced 24x7 monitoring and proactive alerts. The customers have a variety of HP support contracts, ranging from basic support to a four-hour response time, and HP Proactive Care. Connecting to HP means faster problem resolution and improved reliability for customers, and enables SWS to be more efficient.


Here’s why SWS and their customers are very pleased with HP’s automated support:


“We used to have about 30 support calls per month from customers. Now, with remote monitoring and automated cases, this has gone down to only 10.”


“If they have a problem, I can log in to check the details – for example, if a customer tells me they need additional memory in the server, I can use HP Insight Online to find out their current system details, so I know exactly what to order. This saves time and makes my job simpler.”


“The HP remote monitoring software makes life easier for our customers’ system administrators, and means that their issues are resolved faster, while saving demand on our resources.”


– Armin Kerl, senior consultant, SWS


As a result, SWS’s customers have experienced the following:


  • Accelerates resolution of problems by typically one day as HP is automatically alerted of an issue
  • Improves visibility, providing details of support warranties and hardware configuration via HP Insight Online portal and mobile dashboard for anytime access
  • Avoids additional expenditure, as it is included in the value of your HP warranty and HP Proactive Care service


For more information on these capabilities visit HP Insight Online and read this related blog on Save Time and Resources: Monitor IT Devices from Anywhere, At Any Time


For the detailed write-up on how SWS is using HP tools and support to deliver the highest levels of service to their customers, read the case study.


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