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Rev up your servers, storage and applications with HP Qualified Options


By John Schmitz, Global Market Manager, HP Server Management and Options Portfolio


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CIOs and datacenter directors are faced with the challenge of delivering ever-increasing service levels that keep pace with demanding user requirements for application performance and reliability. Given that IT budgets are either flat or declining, delivering this level of service is a pressing challenge for any exec. For example, the cost of server/infrastructure refreshes as a way to deliver business performance can be prohibitive.


A better alternative is for CIOs and datacenter directors to look at how to deliver higher performance and reliability by simply upgrading current infrastructure with high-performing and reliable HP qualified server options. HP Smart Memory and Smart Storage options can provide a tremendous boost in application performance and system reliability across all HP Servers – and do so at a lower cost compared to a complete server forklift upgrade.


With HP Qualified Options, you can choose from a broad portfolio of products to turbo-charge performance for your HP ProLiant, Integrity, and Storage systems. To take just one example, HP PCIe Workload Accelerators provide blazing performance to support apps that require the lowest latency as well as maximum reliability. HP Qualified Options are available in a wide range of choices for performance, endurance, price, and capacity.


Our Qualified Options portfolio is extensive enough that you might think of them as a way, not just to accelerate IT, but to modernize it. Let’s say budgets are even tighter than usual for next year, but you want to tackle a Big Data project. With HP Qualified Options like our Smart Memory, Solid State Drives and Smart Array Controllers, you can get there without doing a full hardware refresh – check out the 4-minute video below to learn how. It’s as if you could get an add-on to convert your 5-year-old hatchback to the latest model sports sedan (I wish!)


A quick glance at the video below will give you a good sense of some of the possibilities.


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