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Savvy Solutions to Simple Problems, One Tool at a Time


Products should solve problems. So, every day, we try to make more products that solve more problems in less time – but that’s only half the story. In a market criss-crossed with roads from problem to solution, helping consumers pick the right path is just as important as making the right product. Failing to check both boxes leads to frustrated consumers and futile R&D investments.

The digital revolution has brought supplier and consumer closer than ever before, boosting efficiency in the sales cycle and cutting prices just about everywhere. But, the salesmen of yesteryear did more than just take a cut and make everything slower – they connected consumers with products that could solve their problems, and were incentivized to do so. Money talks.

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Intuit’s TurboTax software brought this lost art into the present by making a scary process simple (and even fun). No longer was filing taxes about endless paperwork and trying not to get carpal tunnel – it was about telling the story of your year, and letting the software do the rest. And the best part? It’s all just algorithms! No lies, no used car salesmen, no phone tag, no commissions, and no stress.

It’s a great idea. It saves the supplier money, saves the consumer time, and all but eliminates the frustration of buying the wrong product. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and now there’s a tool to help you find just about anything. We’ve put together some of our favorites – and we even got in on the fun and built one of our own. Because connecting you with the right product helps us take you further. 

HPE Infrastructure Architect

We understand that our customers are as unique as our products. HPE Rack and Power Infrastructure is an integral part of the HPE datacenter solution, boasting a portfolio of over 300 SKUs designed to keep your servers, storage and networking powered, protected, and effectively managed. Around here, we’re believers that you’ll go further with the right infrastructure – so we built a smart little app to help you find the best rack and power solution for your needs and blaze your trail forward. Meet the Infrastructure Architect.

 Intuit TurboTax

The gold standard for making a scary process simple, and having some fun while you’re at it.

Intel Xeon Processor Server Refresh Savings Estimator

Intel products power the servers that make your business go. This’ll show you how they can help make your business grow. Knowing the right time to buy new infrastructure will pay big dividends, today and tomorrow. Thank us later.   

Rackspace TCO Tool

Open Cloud is a powerful business tool. Make it work harder for your application, and find out how to get it done for less money. Built in conjunction with Deloitte Digital, with some Racker insights mixed in.

Microsoft Office 365 Plan Selector

Pay for what you need, not what you don’t. Find the tools you need to connect your employees with one another, so they can work together to drive your business forward.

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Michael Pratt’s passion is helping customers go further. His job is making products that make servers go further. He spends his days connecting the two.