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Seeking to Achieve Productivity Gains? Read on…


 Guest Blog: Biomara Ramos, WW ISS SMB Enablement and Communications


From bring your own device (BYOD) and virtualized infrastructures, to 24x7 flexible work schedules and remote offices, the mobile worker trend is becoming the norm. Gartner predicts that by 2018, the mobile workforce will double or triple*.


What does this mean for your small to midsized business (SMB)? Many of your peers are rightly concerned about the vulnerability of their IT infrastructures. Worker mobility adds complexity to IT environments and budgets – especially when it comes to insuring accessibility and protecting company assets from security risks.

While security is a major issue for SMBs navigating the mobile workforce, those that harness it via IT solutions and employee-use policies are enjoying big returns. In addition to increased communication with clients and partners, BYOD employees are surging in productivity. Globally, they are gaining an average of 37 minutes of productive time per week– generating an average $350 annual value per mobile employee for their employers.**


In a recent SMB survey and report by IDC***, Chris Chute, research director, Global SMB Cloud and Mobility practice, summarized how SMBs are currently approaching BYOD. “Small businesses have seen the most growth in BYOD device uptake and have responded by implementing policies that govern how those devices are used…Now, with the availability of hosted software and easy-to-implement mobile solutions, SMB IT managers feel much more comfortable allowing personal devices access to internal IT resources.”


To further guarantee secure mobile access to their IT environments, SMBs can implement tailored business email and unified communications and collaboration (UCC) solutions. Combined with a flexible and accessible email solution, UCC delivers a streamlined environment that enhances communication. Employees, clients, and partners stay in touch more conveniently than ever before with a combination of voicemail, instant messaging, presence, voice, and conferencing—including PC audio, telephony, video, and web.


These solutions simultaneously solve company and employee data issues raised by worker mobility to:


  • Improve productivity - Advanced communication and collaboration
  • Reduce costs - Less travel and IT management
  • Enhance data security - Proven, robust enterprise-class solutions
  • Speed deployment and ease manageability – Predefined configurations for simplified design and implementation to speed
  • Provide platform scalability – Purchase what is needed today with room to grow, no need to over-invest.


Business email and UCC solutions are increasing employee and operational productivity for SMBs who are willing to make the investment. What systems do you have in place? How are you currently managing the opportunity that comes with enabling BYOD? To learn more about how HP can help, visit


Looking for more IT help? Visit our Small & Midsize Business Solutions – Just Right IT site to see how our Just Right IT solutions can help manage your IT environment – and boost your business IT and employee productivity.




Gartner Symposium/ITxpo October 2013


*** U.S. 2014 SMB Corporate-Owned and BYOD Mobile Device Survey: Penetration, Policies, and Practices



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