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Server Diagnostics Just Got Better with iLO Active Health System Viewer



Find out all about iLO Active Health System diagnostics – and the new Active Health System Viewer that lets you see the data!

First, let's take a quick review of iLO Active Health System. We introduced the iLO Active Health System (AHS) with our ProLiant Gen8 servers. This technology is like a “flight recorder” for your server. The design principle was to record diagnostic telemetry 24x7 on the server. The server, ilo_active_health_system_viewer_blog.jpgin effect, is always running the diagnostic program. Prior to this invention (and currently on those other guys’ boxes), the customer is asked to download a diagnostic program and try to capture remnants of a problem or to try to reproduce the issue. In the worst-case scenario, the customer may need to send the system back to the manufacturer to try to troubleshoot the problem.  Active Health System changed the way we diagnose issues.

With Active Health System, all you need to do is to download the Active Health System data and send it to HPE for our diagnosis. Active Health System logs information on the configuration of the server at every boot.

One of the first troubleshooting questions usually asked is: Has anything changed recently?

Active Health System definitively answers this question, as it creates a living history of the configuration changes to the server. AHS documents any hardware added, removed, replaced or moved inside the system. AHS also records software or firmware updates. In addition to this configuration information, Active Health System also records thousands of elements of periodic runtime diagnostic telemetry. This runtime telemetry is time stamped. different elements from different subsystems are collated to look for root cause of complex issues.

Note that two things that Active Health System does not record are personally identifiable information and network security information.

Fast diagnostics with Active Health System data

The AHS data enables us to quickly diagnose issues and get you back in business faster and with less disruption on your part. Our service and support organization uses the AHS data to diagnose issues in the call center. Our escalation and case managers use the data to analyze issues that are more complicated. Our R&D teams use the data to triage the hardest issues that require the expertise of the person who designed the system or wrote the code.  AHS data streamlines this entire process. The data is so complete that even a manager can, on occasion, diagnose and solve customer problems!  :)

I have spoken to hundreds of customers about the benefits of Active Health System. They understand the benefits and they enjoy the prospect of faster resolution of their issues. 

Wait there’s more: new innovation with the Active Health System Viewer

The most common question asked about Active Health System is: Can I see the data?

The great news is that we just announced a new web-based portal to easily access this information: the Active Health System Viewer!

Experience the power of Active Health System Viewer for yourself.

You will need a free HPE Passport account and the server will need to be in the warranty period or covered by a service contract.

The online AHS Viewer features a Server Subsystem Dashboard, Fault Detection Analytics, Event Log Repositories, Software/Firmware Inventory and the ability to create a Support Case directly from tool.

AHS Viewer will also compare your firmware and drivers to the latest Service Pack for ProLiant (SPP), or the version you select. Then generate a comparison delta to what you have installed. You can see information on the enhancements/fixes in the new firmware/drivers and a download link for the updates.

On top of all that, I think the coolest feature is the Fault Detection Analytics. The AHS Viewer will analyze the data looking for known issues. If the AHS Rules Database discovers a known issue, then the AHS Viewer will provide you with self-diagnostic information targeted about the issue. This is not generic information. This is a tailored resolution specific to the condition recorded in your active health system data. This capability blew me away the first time I saw it demonstrated. What an outstanding time saver!

Because the AHS Viewer is a web-based tool, there is nothing for you to install – and you will always be using the very latest version of the tool with the most up-to-date Rules Database.

Active Health Systems is a game changer. (Don’t just take my word for it.)

The Active Health System Viewer is a powerful new tool for you. Hear what our customers have to say about it:

"HPE continues to impress me with the new services being developed. First was the online SPP creation tool and now the AHS log viewer. Being able to get information from the AHS files will be an invaluable troubleshooting tool and allows us to self-remedy many of the less complex issues. Great job HPE!" says Sam Kostmayer, IT Manager, Deloitte Services LP.

Your Gen8 and Gen9 HPE servers are already logging Active Health System diagnostic data. Browse into your iLO web GUI, download your AHS data and upload it to the AHS Viewer to experience the power of this diagnostic data yourself.


About the Author


Doug Hascall is honored to serve as the Senior Manager of the iLO Firmware Development and Test teams. Doug was the manager when iLO was first developed and introduced back in March 2002. He is now busy leading the team’s efforts on the next generation of awesomeness. In addition to iLO, Doug has worked on SmartStart, NetWare OS support, the first 1U ProLiant, Insight Power Manager, and Dynamic Power Capping. Doug has been with Compaq/HP/HPE since 1994. Outside of work, Doug is a Harley-riding, horse-riding, SCUBA-diving, third-degree black belt husband and father.

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