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Server power supplies and why they matter to your business



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Written by Steve Heller, Product Marketing leader for HPE Server Options’ Rack & Power Infrastructure

As an IT professional two of your top objectives are to keep your datacenter up and your costs down – it’s as simple as that. Or is it? Most people don’t fully comprehend that how you power your equipment is central to both of those objectives. Keeping power flowing into your datacenter – regardless of what happens outside of it – keeps your servers up and running, and minimizing the amount of power wasted once inside keeps your operating expenses down.

So, we designed Hewlett Packard Enterprise Server Power Supplies to help you get that done. During the design process we settled on four main design tenets; efficiency, redundancy, compatibility, and automation. Let’s take a closer look at each.

Efficiency is critical to any kind of business – and IT infrastructure is no exception. The less power wasted in conversion from AC to DC, the less power you have to buy – that’s why 80PLUS-certified, best-the-industry-has-to-offer pass-through efficiency is a core competency of all HPE Server Power Supplies. Our Titanium-level Server Power Supplies boast 96% efficiency to keep even the most power-hungry datacenters as cost-effective as possible. More compute per dollar of operating expense, check.

Provisioning all HPE Server Power Supplies for redundancy reduces the likelihood of power outage due to equipment failure to effectively zero. Keeping your datacenter up and running is a game of controlling what you can control, and provisioning your Server Power infrastructure for redundancy ensures that the flow of power to your servers is as consistent as it is efficient, day in and day out.

Compatibility – in other words, a common form factor across most HPE server platforms – simplifies your spare strategy, reducing downtime in the event of a malfunctioning part and minimizing the number of parts you need to keep on hand, regardless of the servers you’re running in your datacenter. In fact, our Common Slot Server Power Supplies are compatible with just about every HPE server platform, all the way back to Gen6. A Server Power Supply should be as simple as it is effective, so we took a one-size-fits-all approach to reduce your overhead and eliminate the guesswork.

Automation is all about optimizing the distribution and management of power in your datacenter, around the clock. We developed HPE Power Discovery Services to provide higher precision, control, and automation to power distribution, reducing downtime and the possibility of error by human intervention. Power Discovery Services works in tandem with your server management software – HPE OneView or HPE iLO – to help you ensure that power gets where it needs to go when it needs to be there. Intelligent management to maximize output and minimize cost.

HPE Server Power Supplies, as a vital cog in the HPE Infrastructure Solution, are purpose-built to deliver more for less, so you can focus on doing the same for your customers. Click here to discover how HPE Server Power helps your servers and business go further.

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