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Simplify your infrastructure management, save time and money

Rebecca Taylor

Time and again, I hear about companies who are trying to build the enterprise of the future while maintaining legacy systems of the past. One of the biggest challenges of managing the old with the new is getting bogged down in complex management that drains both your time and budget. That’s where an end-to-end converged management platform can be a game-changer.

So what advantage does HPE BladeSystem together with HPE OneView offer?

Faster template-based provisioning increases your IT agility

66x faster workload deployment with HPE OneView.png

Reduce the cost and time required to deliver IT services by using our software-defined approach to IT infrastructure management. This shifts your organization from manual processes to template-driven automated processes. HPE OneView is a single software platform that manages your infrastructure across compute, networking, and storage. With a modern and integrated workspace for converged infrastructure management, it accelerates enterprise workload deployment, such as virtualization and cloud computing, by up to 66x faster.

Source: IDC Expert ROI SPOTLIGHT: Achieving Organizational Transformation with HP Converged Infrastructure Solutions for SDDC, January 2014.

Simplified systems return investment in just 7 months

56percent reduction in data center costs with HPE BladeSystem and OneView.pngCompared with traditional rack server environments, using the HP BladeSystem can dramatically simplify your infrastructure and help you shift investment from maintenance and operations toward innovation within your organization. In fact, HPE BladeSystem can reduce your data center costs by up to 56%, according to a study of HPE customers by IDC. Customers realized a payback on their investment in just seven months.

Source: IDC white paper sponsored by HPE, “Business Value of HPE BladeSystem,” #28762, November 2015.

HPE OneView API is your onramp to Composable Infrastructure

The HPE Composable Infrastructure Unified API, native in HPE OneView, is an open RESTful API using JSON. The HPE Composable Infrastructure partner program is a robust ecosystem of vendors supporting the rapidly growing digital economy. Utilizing the Docker Machine Driver for HPE OneView or Chef Provisioning Driver for HPE OneView organizations can order physical infrastructure on-demand, from their private bare metal cloud using templates—or recipes—from HPE OneView to bring unprecedented levels of agility to their data center with HPE BladeSystem.

Automate operations to reduce the cost and time to deliver IT services

Lifecycle management is key to maintaining infrastructure uptime. However, continuous or postponed updates of OS, drivers, and firmware can create instability and compliance gaps, delay rollout of services, as well as risk additional downtime to debug issues and incompatibilities. Software-based lifecycle management with HPE OneView delivers a complete management and seamless update mechanism for HPE BladeSystem. HPE OneView reviews all installed hardware (automatic compliance checking) and installs what is needed, automatically. The IT administrator has full control over remediation.

Optimize enterprise workloads, such as virtualization, VDI, and cloud computing

Optimize your workload on the industry’s leading blade system that is designed, certified, and delivered as a single solution with compute, storage, and networking. HPE gives you the simplicity and freedom through the Power of One to build IT that’s truly optimized for an organization’s compute solutions for everyday workloads, high-intensity virtualized or cloud workloads, and even an entire converged data center. HPE BladeSystem is a great solution for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), aimed at delivering excellent graphics performance for superior user experience and higher productivity.

Source: HPE leads the total Blade server market with a #1 position in both revenue and units. HPE has led the Blade server market in revenue and units for 9 years straight, 36 consecutive quarters. IDC Worldwide Quarterly Server Tracker for 3Q15, December 2015)

Wire-once simplicity eliminates networking complexity

We can reduce networking components and power and cooling costs with HPE Virtual Connect. Based on a proven architecture with more than 10 million Virtual Connect ports shipped, HPE Virtual Connect is the simplest way to connect servers to any network.

HPE Virtual Connect simplifies and converges your server edge connections, making server changes transparent to storage and networks, and you can use HPE OneView to automate the deployment, update and enable ongoing management of HPE BladeSystem..

HPE OneView readily simplifies the process of automating Virtual Connect deployments to servers, mapping VC ports to external I/O and creating direct-attach SAN connections with HPE 3PAR storage.

Learn more

In IDC interviews, HPE customers identified five substantial benefits achieved with the HPE BladeSystem. Check out the IDC InfoBrief, Top 5 reasons to move to HPE BladeSystem, for more.

Top 5 Reasons to move to BladeSystem.png

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Becca Taylor
HPE Influencer Marketing Manager


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