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Smarter Rack Infrastructure Solutions Mean Smarter Business



We’re reimagining intelligent rack-and-power infrastructure to help you address business challenges when you're dealing with the complex nature of rack-and-power infrastructure selection, installation and management.

Last year we embarked on a journey to help you address business challenges in key areas such as security, data center optimization and, overall, a better user experience for those who deal with the complex nature HPE smart rack infrastructure_blog .jpgof rack-and-power infrastructure selection, installation and management.

We’re here to finish what we started, leading enterprise data centers into the next generation of rack-and-power infrastructure. The HPE G2 Enterprise Racks and Advanced and Enterprise Power Distribution Units (PDUs) are designed to make your rack-and-power infrastructure stronger, smarter and simpler. This helps you get the most out of your IT equipment and enables stronger, smarter and simpler business.

We live in a world where IT is being pressured in traditional environments to lower operating costs while at the same time being stretched in the cloud application environment to increase operational velocity. To meet this challenge, HPE created Synergy, the first platform built from the ground up for Composable Infrastructure, offering a new architecture that empowers IT to enable innovation and value creation for the new breed of applications while more efficiently running traditional workloads.

The next generation of enterprise rack-and-power infrastructure is designed for dense and composable computing. It provides the flexibility and efficiency required of platforms like HPE Synergy, as well as the optimization for dense computing. Additionally, the next generation of rack-and-power infrastructure provides protection against threats that are so prevalent today, plus the intelligence to ease rack and power selection, installation and management.

Let’s take a deeper look…

Data Center Optimization

Do more with the space you have, and don’t forget about our future needs.  It’s a common directive given to data center managers. From power to cooling to cubic feet of space, it’s all about optimization, efficiency and flexibility for improving utilization of your existing capacity. 

This means:

  • Taller, wider and deeper racks, including our new 48U Enterprise Rack models
  • Racks with optimized cooling and flexible cable management
  • Racks that can hold heavier loads to maximum your space configuration
  • Racks that are built to handle increased computing density – and carry a 10-year warranty to prove it


  • PDUs that can be mounted in a myriad of flexible, space-efficient mounting configurations, many of which don’t even take up critical U space or interfere with convenient access to IT equipment
  • PDUs with a wide variety of high-density outlet configurations to let you put power where you need it
  • PDUs that allow you to manage, monitor and secure your power inside the rack, as well as give you options to monitor a variety of environmental conditions

We’ve completely redesigned all of these products to allow data center managers to not only do more with the space you already have, but also improve your ability to plan for ever-increasing future capacity needs.


With the exponential increase in business critical and confidential data that traverses the internet and is stored on- and off-premises, security is foremost on everyone’s mind. In many cases, stringent corporate, industry and government regulations dictate the security provisions required of a data center. So it goes without saying that the more secure your rack-and-power infrastructure, the more secure your server, storage and networking.

How secure? How about multi-factor authentication with options like fingerprint biometric scanners, wireless card readers and digital keypads before you ever even get into the rack.

And the rest of your infrastructure like your critical power distribution?  PDUs with power cords that lock on both ends to prevent accidental or malicious power interruption.  PDUs locked down with multiple levels of software security levels.

Infrastructure selection, installation and management

HPE-datacenter.jpgChoices. We’re asked to make them every day. And the more complex the options are, the more daunting the task becomes. The Infrastructure Architect will lead you to the right products based on your workload, budget and location. HPE Power Advisor helps you plan how much power you’ll be using, whether you are installing composable or dense computing.  

With the right infrastructure, managing power consumption and cooling costs is easy. The higher the operating temperature of the equipment and the more efficient it is at keeping cool, the less money you have to spend on air conditioning. Knowledge is power when it comes to making good management decisions, and power management in a datacenter is no different. So, our Advanced PDUs allow for active monitoring of each server’s power consumption, and our Enterprise PDUs allow for active management, so you can switch off things that aren’t being used. The less power you use, the less power you have to buy.

Enterprise data centers, are founded on rack-and-power infrastructure. It powers and protects the servers, storage and networking that make your business tick. HPE is known for driving innovation like HPE Synergy that helps drive businesses forward. Rack and Power Infrastructure is where the story begins.

About the Author


Michael Pratt’s passion is helping customers go further. His job is making products that make servers go further. He spends his days connecting the two.