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Stranded on the side of the road in a snow storm? Don´t worry, HP-UX will help you


As probably most of you do, I drive a car almost every day. Normally the car takes me from point A to point B without any trouble. But it has happened – and most likely to a lot of you too – that I have had a problem with my car. Whether is a flat tire, overheated radiator or maybe even worse, small children locked inside the car together with the key, problems do happen every day.


For those of you with auto club memberships,  you would  immediately call them and they would come to assist you, and you would expect prompt service, day or night, whether is Christmas Day or New Years’ Eve. At the back end of many auto clubs in Canada and the U.S., Campana Systems ensures that they are there to support you 24X7, every day of the year. To be able to do this, Campana relies on HP Integrity servers running the trusted, proven UNIX operating system, HP-UX to keep their business always on and available for their customers.  They have been doing it for decades and would like to share with you why on this short video.


As we celebrate 30 years of HP-UX, we look at the impact our customers have in our everyday lives. With Campana, over 10 million auto club users can be sure to get immediate assistance where and when they need it, and without knowing about it, HP-UX makes it possible. 

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I am a Marketing Manager within HP Servers focused on Mission-Critical Solutions.